Most people can’t start their morning well without a cup of coffee. For this 30-year-old lady, her perfect day starter is a warm, playful greeting from her dog, Alexandra, a beautiful German Shepherd. Now that she's married to her high school crush, dream come true and knight in shining armor, she is now greeted with two other dogs - the Mighty Hercules and Aegon the Conqueror. She lives in two different houses as of now until the time comes that they will have a house they can call their own. With positivity and her trademark laugh, she would walk through each day in her usual sandals or kicks—like a sign of sheer excitement to go on a new adventure.

The same kind of excitement she felt when her mom first brought her to Disneyland (CA); the same rush of energy when she explored New York, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco; and still the same jolt of pure joy when she traveled the gems of Asia, like Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand. She knows that this excitement to learn and discover the streets of the world will never subside.

What keeps this fire burning? New lessons in life, food, knowledge, relationships—the things that remind us of our connection to the world. More importantly, she believes that her strongest point is her faith - faith in God, and faith in people.  

This lady is Kristina, now Mrs. Teodoro, and this blog is my memory lane.

Welcome to my world full of rainbows and glitters! 

With much love and chaos,
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