2020 Highlights

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

As the year comes to an end, I can't help but reflect on all the things that happened this year - to the whole world and to me. I learned a lot of things this year not only because of the quarantine but also because I allowed myself to know more about the people around me by being open minded and well, becoming a little more understanding.

 If I'm not mistaken, I started the year with lots of positivity. I always do every year as New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday; but I remember being extra positive this year because this year is the year I turn 30 and it has always been a big deal to me. To me, turning 30 was like turning 18 all over again - a whole lot of new responsibilities and expectations. My 20th birthday was a bit of the same, but I just remember having a really fun party with my friends and then found myself frowning because "I wasn't a teenager anymore". Since I was 26, I've been planning a lot of things to do for my 30th. It was never an out of the country plan, but mostly activities I haven't done that I find intriguing or interesting. Well, just like all your plans, mine were all cancelled because it would be too hard to do them with all the new protocols.

Anyway, after the holiday festivities, I was about to attend my friend's wedding in Tagaytay, where we were greeted with the Taal eruption. I posted an entire blog about it so I won't elaborate on it on now. I just included it here because it really was a very scary experience to go through.

January 12, 2020

If you want to read the entry, here it is: Taal Eruption 2020

The wedding was then moved to a different location and it was beautiful.

January 13, 2020

My Best Friend's Wedding

May 23, 2020

Since the start of the quarantine was March, they were one of the many couples whose wedding plans were ruined. I'm glad they still decided to go with the wedding on their original date, even if it meant they had to postpone the dream wedding. In my humble opinion, nothing can stop two people who are meant to be together. 

It was a quick and simple celebration of love, but it didn't stop me from feeling the love these two have for each other. I've attended numerous weddings already and there are really weddings where you just don't see it, feel it, or even hear the love. I once attended a wedding where the couple was asked for a speech and the message made me realize they married each other out of comfort. But for Pat and Vincent, it was pure love.

Congratulations again, you two. Love you both.

Adjusting to a new home

We were all basically on lockdown the whole year so there are very few "outside" highlights but it's fine with me because at this day and age, I enjoy staying indoors.

I've been asked numerous times why Rabi and I did not / do not live in my condo because there, we'd be alone and we'd feel being a married couple more than staying with Rab's siblings at their house. To be honest, I know and understand the pros and cons of living with my in laws (Rab's brother and sister) and I consider it a learning experience, a positive thing, and household training. Let me break it down:

A Learning Experience

Pakikisama, or fellowship is a trait not all people posses. Some do it the wrong way, and some really just don't know how to do it. Though Rab and I are legally married, living at their house will always make me feel like an outsider but it doesn't necessarily mean they treat or make me feel like I am because they don't. His siblings are very warm and have treated me as a sister since day one. I always believed living here until we move to our future house is smart and efficient. Reacting to different types of personalities (more than I have already done at my parents' house) opened my mind more and taught me how to be more patient. To me, this is like preparing myself for motherhood where I know I'll need all the patience in the world. Learning to adjust for others is one of the best things I learned so far. Not living with my parents or their parents, this has also taught not only me but all of us a wee bit of independence and responsibility.

A Positive Thing

Rab and I computed our monthly expenses comparing living here or living in my condo. I haven't exactly lived there, but I interviewed my current tenant on their expenses and should Rab and I decide to move there to be "alone", we'd spend way more. We'd rather spend less here and save for the future.

Household Training

Maintaining a clean and tidy home is one of the most challenging yet exciting things I learned by living here. Back at my parents' house, I was always tagged as someone who had a messy room, which I'm guilty of, up until that time my mom bought me a new bed. After that, I began Pinterest-ing my way into a more mature room. Here, the privacy that we have is that we have our own floor and it's obviously much bigger than my room. I had to put more effort into cleaning and organizing but I think I've done a good job so far. 

Aside from the floor responsibilities, maintaining a clean kitchen is another job I find hard to fulfill especially when sharing it. But given the challenges, this has been good training for me. From buying the groceries to organizing to cooking. Back home, I was in charge of the kitchen during the latter part of my stay there and I used that knowledge in my freezer space and our own ref on our floor. 

Lastly, laundry. At my parents' house, we have Ate Len to do laundry twice a week. When I officially moved here, I had no one but myself. I love doing my own laundry because I can make sure I would love the smell and I also told Rab I wanted to do our laundry and he doesn't need to feel guilty about me doing it all the time. On some weeks, I was able to do it regularly - regularly meaning do laundry weekly and on other weeks, I get lazy and it would pile up and would have a hard time drying it up. When the rainy season started, I also started having my laundry done at laundry shops because I really don't like the smell of badly dried clothes.

To sum it up, this is considered a 2020 highlight because it is my first year to live away from my parents and on some levels, living alone, and of course living as a wife. 

Our first wedding anniversary, 

November 18, 2020

Given the situation of the whole world and some other instance, we decided to celebrate one year of marriage at one of our favorite restaurants. I remember this night so clearly because the conversation we had over dinner was so meaningful and I can't help but feel so grateful to God for giving me a husband like Rab.

My 30th

November 26, 2020

So basically, I had three celebrations. One at midnight, dinner with my family, and lunch 2 days after with my two families. I literally had no idea my husband had a surprise for me since we were together the whole day. Oddly enough, I decided to clean our room hours before my birthday so I was preoccupied. I didn't even notice it was midnight until my best friend called and I suddenly saw Rab holding a cake! It was one of the simplest yet best birthdays I've ever had. I know I had other things in mind, but what I have been blessed with was more than enough. Having him with me during this special day was the best gift.

During dinner time, my family and I decided to eat at Cafe Ilang-Ilang, Manila Hotel since it's one of my favorite buffet restaurants and I've been craving for their Prime Rib. I also included a photo of my second plate of Puto Bumbong. Happy Birthday indeed!

The celebration with the whole family was also fun and memorable. The food and company were great.

All in all, I am grateful that my family and loved ones are safe and healthy. I pray for healing for the whole world, not only that the pandemic ends, but also to heal the hearts of the wounded.

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