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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Earlier this year, I bought a new camera and then the pandemic happened. I haven't had the chance to use it outside that much, so I decided to take photos of my meals and simply put it here.

I am no chef, and I am not claiming I am the best cook there is, but I pride myself with the dishes I make. Unfortunately, I cannot share the exact recipes because I love experimenting each time and it always depends on the quantity.

 Some photos here are shot using my phone (my good ol' loyal iPhone 8+), but most are by my XT-100.

Tinapa + Egg + Tomatoes

My husband's favorite and go-to breakfast is the tinapa. My mom's foundation is selling these oversized tinapa goodies! The tinapa was so huge I had to cut just this part for me and Rab to eat. 

Chicken Tinola

As usual, my husband requested for this at an ungodly hour but I was so happy to do it anyway! We have messed up body clocks whenever he's home anyway. 

Personally, I choose to put both malunggay and chili leaves as the dish's vegetables for more fiber! I also prefer green papaya over sayote.

Pork Adobo sa Achuete

I posted this a while back on my IG stories along with the story of the "Adobo sa Achuete". Let me share it again.

When I was on my third year in college, we were assigned to interview a successful female entrepreneur and write a paper about her success. I interviewed my friend's mom's partner (yes) and she owned a restaurant along Kalayaan Avenue named Adarna. While waiting for her, my friends and I decided to try their food. That was the first time I tried this dish and though achuete is mostly just food coloring, I have been craving for that slight difference in taste for 10 years! 

I tried this on Chicken Adobo and for I-don't-know what reason, it's better with pork.

Vigan Longganisa + Egg

Yep, I eat that much rice for that small amount of longganisa. I love Vigan Longganisa more than any other longganisa! 

Garlic Buttered Chicken

For this particular evening, I cooked my original buttered chicken on thigh fillets. I love thigh fillets!! I honestly do. I prefer this part for fried chicken because there's less chance it'll be undercooked. Easier to cook, and tastier!

Spaghetti Aglio Oglio E Pepperoncino

This was ordered from Amici via Grab Food out of intense cravings for aglio oglio. My favorite pasta in Amici is actually their Spaghetti ai Tesori del Mare but it was way too expensive for me (obviously with my appetite, the regular size isn't enough) so I opted for the basic one instead. Amici never fails when it comes to their pasta so I have no regrets!

Spaghetti Aglio Oglio E Pepperoncino (Grande) - P410

Tocino + Egg

At my parents' house, I only got to eat one brand of tocino my whole life - Pampanga's Best. My mom isn't really a fan of the other brands; not once did she try a different brand. Now that I do my own groceries and don't live there anymore, I finally got to try CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino!! It's so good! There's more fat... and I love it!

Fried Pork Belly

I pride myself with this dish! Even back at my parents' house, whenever I cook this, everybody just loves it! I love it too. I mean... yes. I really do.

Beef Tapa

Now this is my original recipe. I buy the beef raw and then marinate it at home. It tastes so much better, trust me! Now I can't give you the exact recipe, but here are the ingredients for your personal beef tapa:
  • calamansi
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • and a lot of love
So glad my husband loves it! There's no reason for me not to believe him cause every time I cook this, he finishes it.

Chicken Alfredo 

I don't know when it started, but I wasn't always a white-sauce kind of girl. But recently, I find myself constantly craving for Yellowcab's Chicken Alfredo and I'm thankful it's not that expensive and it's so easy to get to it.

YellowCab Chicken Alfredo (Large) - P380

Fried Bangus Belly

Just like beef tapa, I hate buying pre-marinated fish. It just... sucks. Luckily, Saranggani Bay (available in most groceries) sells un-marinated bangus belly! I don't really like vinegar on my bangus, I don't know why. So here's my personal marinate:
  • garlic
  • soy sauce
  • salt
  • pepper
  • calamansi (up to you, but I don't always add calamansi)
Bistek Tagalog

If I were to cook Bistek Tagalog for myself (and for my mom), trust me, there'd be a lot less soup. But my husband loves his soup so I adjust. Originally, those onions on top should be white onions but we we were out of it when I cooked that.

Scrambled Egg

I really hate it when people serve me omelet-like scrambled eggs. I like my scrambled eggs scrambled. If I wanted an omelet, I'd ask for an omelet. So whenever I cook for myself, I just do as I please. My favorite egg combo is onions and tomatoes, salt and pepper, and a little bit of Knorr seasons. Try it!
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