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There are a lot of things that will run through your head during your preps. 99% of them don't really matter. People often forget what matters most. I'm glad I'm a last minute girl and that I didn't really focus on the glitz and glam of the wedding. (Don't get me wrong, I know our ceremony and reception looks glamorous.) I've received a lot of compliments during the wedding - our ceiling was beautiful, the principal tables were glamorous, yada yada yada.

Though I appreciate them with all my heart (also because they don't come cheap), my favorite compliment were the ones that were regarding the ceremony. I've heard things like it was a very solemn ceremony, it was very touching, "I really felt the love", it was so sweet, and the likes. One of my mom's friends, who said she can't make it to the reception even decided to attend the reception because she really loved the ceremony. That's what I'm talking about.
Being the last minute bride to be that I was, I wasn't very much into detail. The most expensive part of a wedding is the reception, but I really tried my best not to be like those really glamorous weddings you see online. Yes, our event styling wasn't cheap but it's not as expensive as you think either. Our supplier, Amelia Blossoms, was one of the last suppliers I booked (I booked them a month before the wedding LOL). I spent the first months trying to find an event stylist and florist and though there are a lot, their price range doesn't really fit into what I have in mind. Marinell of Amelia Blossoms (owner) was very easy to talk to and very responsible. In all honesty, she may not be the supplier who responds the quickest but she always does. She even apologizes for late responses. Weddings nowadays have become a social media frenzy that I think most people really focus on how their wedding will look like online. Wait, don't get me wrong. Of course I cared about that too. Probably just not as much as others and I say that with sincerity. Here are some photos of the styling she and her team made. I also got her as my florist - she provided all the flowers.

For the ceiling, Rabi was the one who insisted and chose this. He knows how much I love stars and so he wanted to "give" me that ceiling because it looks like stars (but we didn't want Christmas lights or you know, the typical ones).

Guest table flowers and setup weren't by Amelia Blossoms. I insisted we just get it from Seda since it was part of our package.

My simple bouquet
MOB & MOG bouquet style
Flower girls' crown, bridesmaids', and for the men lol
The ballroom. Here's one with a little bit of light

And here's one with the no lights 

The Principal Table
Different view
Different view of the Principal Table
Side stage
One of our most expensive yet favorite supplier is Digital Elements. It took me about 14 days to narrow down around 25-30 photo/video suppliers to 2 - Digital Elements and another supplier. It was a close fight between the two but we obviously know who won. The thing about them is that their work works for us. Rabi and I both want our photos to be exactly how it turned out - simple, fresh, natural and a little bit of drama; and we wanted our videos, both the pre-wedding video and the same day edit video to be not too wedding-y, not too cheesy, not too, you know, fake. For the pre-wedding video, I had Mike, owner, use a song I heard last 2016 (yes, I promised myself I'd use that song for the pre-wedding video). We had our shoot in Subic Bay Yacht Club, at a yacht that we got for a very good price (thanks again, Livi and Robby). Details will go to a different entry but just for starters and to commend Digital Elements, the shoot was easy and fun! Tiring, yes, but very fun. I can't imagine having to do it with some other supplier because I can't imagine how it can get better than that!

Here are a few of my favorite photos. I have a bunch as you can imagine, but these will suffice.

Glad they caught my parents' reactions.
Always have been and always will be my daddy's girl.

In relation to the previous paragraph, it took me that long to decide on the P/V team because Rabi told me that I can be the one to choose, but I have to be 100% sure because the photos and the videos are the ones that will last. We didn't want to risk the only wedding day that we have for lousy, faulty photos. Really glad to have chosen them.

Here's the link to our SDE: RABI AND TINA WEDDING SDE
Here's a link to the on-site photos which I uploaded on Youtube: RABI AND TINA ON-SITE PHOTOS
As for the food, well, it was taken care of Seda Vertis North. Obviously, Rabi & I weren't able to eat well but I had a couple of bites. I really loved it, and so did our guests! We had ordered for 200 guests and you know, just like other weddings, I thought we were going to have some take home food. But nada! That only means one thing - the food was great! The most expensive part of our wedding, WORTH IT! And!!! Seda provided unlimited coffee and tea!!!

Our package with Seda also included a cake and I'm so glad they were able to copy the peg I provided! Yup, that's right. Our cake was free.

I don't remember and I'm really not sure if we had two lechons, but I'm sure that we had lechon lol. We didn't get the lechon from Seda - it was bought and gifted by my parents.

I also can't find a photo of the carving we got from Seda which is US Prime Rib. Rumor has it it was the first dish that went from 100 to 0 real quick.

I had a great time at our wedding. It was so much better than I had always imagined. It was better than the wedding I've been "playing out" when I was a little girl. Then again, my favorite part is that I got to marry Rabi, my high school crush, my best friend (and this is literal), and somebody I've always wanted and dreamed of and thought I'd never have.

God is amazing.
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