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Monday, January 8, 2018

Just like most people, I want to have a list of things that I want to improve, change, or remove.

Over the past years, I know I have improved a lot. There are still a lot more to improve, and of course I wanna work on them the soonest. Change is constant, but it doesn't happen overnight. With this list I am creating for myself, I'm hoping I get to be reminded every once in a while.

With that, here's a list of shallow things I want to work on this year:

I want to take more pictures using my DSLR. Doing so, I hope I won't end up using my mirrorless camera less. I can picture short trips where I have both of them with me. Last year, the only time I used it was during New Year's Eve. Yes, I know, sayang. I want to use it more because I know it's a good camera and it can bring me back to the hobby I have not touched for a long time. I plan to have a 2018 Photo Book and I intend to put not only memories but also a bit of art.

I want to revive OPM. I know only a few new artists and that breaks my heart. Filipino musicians are good, and correct me if I'm wrong, more often than not, these artists are much more appreciated abroad. They're more appreciated by foreigners, not their kabayans. Admittedly, we have this impression that OPM is baduy. Some people would even say that if there are some Pinoy artists who do R&B, it's jologs and trying hard. I'm not a crowd, but I want to go back to appreciating OPM and be proud of it.

I want to learn how not to stress over the little things. I am not ashamed to admit that I am an overthinker. There are nights (like tonight) where I can't sleep just because there are too many things happening inside my head. Most of the time, I don't even know what they are. On the other hand, I get stressed so easily, I cry on the spot. I have had so much stress at work for the past few months and I just lost it. Whenever there is a problem, big or small, I don't have time to deliberate. I just..well, get mad, cry, or walk out. When Rab or my friends have finally placated me, that's the only time I approach the problem in the right manner. I don't want that anymore. I wanna learn how to differentiate the big and small things and I want to learn how to just let the small things go.

I want to finally accept the things I cannot change. This can be about friendship, work, relationship, family, anything under the sun. I am very sensitive and when it comes to people I used to be a

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