2019 Highlights

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm all about our wedding. But answer this, if you were in my shoes, wouldn't you be?

Anyway, there were still a lot of great things that happened to my 2019 and let me share them with you. I chose this platform so I could go back to it someday and smile!


I think 2019 tops all the years I had to attend weddings, even excluding mine!

In this collage I included one of my best girls' engagement!
Each wedding has been really memorable and special on its own. I enjoyed every moment and I am happy for all of my friends. I guess it's safe for me to say that my friends and I are old enough to not be surprised with consecutive engagements and weddings. We're at that stage in life where we find the right one for us and settling down. I still have friends who are struggling in that department, but it doesn't mean they're unhappy. I have single friends who are happier than other friends who are married or in a relationship - but then again that's not what this blog is about.


2019 marks the first year that I hired a personal trainer. I always thought I could do it on my own; just using gym machines and attending different classes. Turns out I'm lazier than I thought. Lol! Coach Hanna has been nothing but motivating and supportive. She understands my body. More to that point, she understands my lifestyle and laziness but she still makes it work! Of course after the wedding up to the present, I've gained so much weight again LOL but I'm planning to start again on a new gym (since I don't live near Anytime Fitness Holy Spirit anymore). I'm still sticking with Anytime Fitness, but just a different branch.

Here are a few photos throughout this journey. These are mostly post workouts and progress.

Before #deathbyhannah and after #deathbyhannah

One week apart
I forgot the gap of these two but the left photo is our from our first session

Sharing my injuries as well cause no pain no gain!
Adding this for aesthetics lol


I don't remember how close to the wedding this was but that's Patricia Pascual, my designer
Top photos from the first fitting, bottom left is the week of the wedding, bottom right is the final fitting
I didn't include my gown on my wedding post because I wanted it to be part of my hightlights. Patricia Pascual, or Patty, has been an acquaintance since I was in college. I didn't choose her to make my gown because she was "my friend" but because when a girlfriend of mine told me she was getting her for her wedding gown, I visited her portfolio again and saw that her style of making gowns, the bead work in particular, is the one I want. I then contacted her and set up the first meeting. Over the months that we were working on my gown, I believe I have gained a friend and I'll be forever grateful. I'd recommend her over and over again.

I had more than 6 fittings with Patty. Though I know it's sounds like a lot, I just couldn't help it. Lol

Here are official photos with my gown.

The gown I used for the reception is also a Patricia Pascual piece, but it was part of her collection. :)


As it is Filipino tradition, even though it was hard to pick a date, we made sure we were able to uphold it. For this portion, I will borrow what I posted on Facebook:

I really didn’t expect anything because I had no idea what goes down on events like this, but my heart is overflowing with joy. Akala ko sa movies lang nangyayari yung “pormal ko pong hinihingi ang kamay ng anak niyo”. Ayayay! 🥰

Thank you to my parents and my new parents for all the love and support. ♥️ Hindi pa kami kasal pero may ate na ako at hindi na ako ang bunso
I really loved this day! Honestly, if I could relive 2019, I would!


To sway off a little from all my wedding high, here's a simple event but means so much to me - my first P2P experience! My friend Mai and I went to Makati to meet with Amelia Blossoms and I didn't wanna spend too much for it so we rode the bus. I've always wanted to try it because I've heard and read good reviews. Well, here's what I can say about it: should I need to go to Makati alone, this is really the smart choice!


Of course I will not disclose what happened exactly, but this was 6 days before the big day. Three days before this day, I had broken down because of something very personal (and different). I remember uttering the words, "8 days, 8 days before the wedding" during that breakdown. Slowly but surely, I composed myself and tried my best to let go of that certain incident. Come this day, another challenge has approached. This time, I had an even worse meltdown just because I haven't completely "healed" from the first challenge and here comes another one. Before your mind can play, let me just clear this out -- both attacks aren't related to Rab nor the wedding, it just seems like it because I felt bad as a bride to have had to go through that much pain a few days before I get married. Anyway, I found myself crying so hard alone in the car and so I had to record myself and send it to my best friend who's in Dubai (di ako papansin, walang video call sa Dubai). She couldn't understand me, and I couldn't speak clearly. She then sent these two angels to me but before they arrived, I was just inside my car, screaming, crying, hitting stuff, and you know, dying inside. Lol! 

Though I've gotten over the two incidents, I will never ever forget it.

I know I'll make you read this, so thank you, you two. 

During my younger years, and I mean in the 90s, my brother and I would share the first computer at home. That was Windows 95. I was 5. The next computers we had on our household were shared by all of us but as you would expect, my brother would always have more time with it than I ever had. Come college, I finally got my first laptop, which was a Sony Vaio. It wasn't long till I got my Macbook Pro, and another Macbook Pro. The second Macbook Pro that I had is still working and I still use it sometimes.

Rabi, for I don't know what reason, gave me this! It literally is my first PC. I don't need to say much more, except that I am more than grateful for a powerful PC... and for the fact that I can play my own Sims 4! LOL! 


Nix was here! I know deep in my heart that she really wouldn't miss my wedding for anything, but it still makes me smile whenever I think about it. She's witnessed all my heart breaks since our elementary days and it really means a lot to me that she also witnessed me walk down that aisle, heading towards the man of my dreams, and the man who wiped away all the pain and my tears. I would do anything in my power to do the same when the right time for her comes.

I'd also like to thank her again for being the best Maid of Honor - she's so good at being MOH I don't think I'll ever live up to that.


I'll include just one photo because I plan to compose a separate entry for that.


Again, I plan to compose a separate entry for the words, so here are a few of my favorites. 
Photos by Digital Elements.


Obviously, this is still the top highlight of my year. No more words.
I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about it by now.

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