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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

After Rab and I repainted my room clean white, I told myself that that's the most I would do apart from keeping tidy. I said I wanted to maintain the minimalism. But who was I kidding?

My cousin's interior designer girlfriend suggested that I add an artwork on top of my bed to add more color. I can't say I took the suggestion immediately, but it's been in my head for several months already. I was browsing through Pinterest and found a lot of ideas for my own room. It all started with an Instagram story poll, and then my search for the perfect shelf started. I searched for artworks everywhere too, you know just cause it was suggested by an interior designer, but it was really the shelves and 1-2 artworks that caught my attention the most.

We were waiting for Rod and Ojela at the ER, so Rab and I searched Lazada for a cheaper version of what I wanted from Furniture Source Phils. Luckily, my fiancĂ© loves Lazada so he knows his way around it. I haven't even gotten anything from Lazada LOL! Anyway, the original shelves I wanted cost P1200 per piece (80cm). Rab found a relatively similar shelf for P450 each. We all know which shelf won. 


Before photo. Covered my bed for drilling. 

I know this is supposed to be dumb proof, but I was so happy to watch my engineer do it. It was so easy for him. I don't get to see what he does at work, so this is the most preview I can get. I remember he was telling me of his plans to make our future home "Tina proof" meaning everything will be engineered well so I wouldn't have to do handyman stuff. 

After a short while, ta-da!

First shelf done!
At first, Rab was doubting my idea to have the two shelves misaligned. After installing the second shelf, he said, "okay hunny, you're in charge of the interior design of our home." LOL!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! We got an extra shelf for my workspace. 

I am now very inspired to watch more Harry Potter and Game of Thrones... woops! I mean inspired to not do the same mistakes I did the past few years. I now am very eager to do paperwork and other important stuff.

Rab and I had so much fun doing it. Well, him doing it and me watching him. I can't wait for more DIY installations with him in the future!

Btw, his asking price for installing the shelves was a simple iced coffee. Thanks to my reusable tumblers, it felt legit. Lol!

 Here's a closer look of the two artworks created by Ojela Alejo. The charcoal drawing was an imitation of a drawing I saw on Pinterest. *credits to the original artist*. Second is a Luna Lovegood and Hogwarts drawing/painting. What a wonderful artist, Oj.

Be sure to follow her art Instagram account in case you want to have something drawn/painted: ojartjournal

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