Fourth Time's A Charm

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Upon my second visit to this wonderful country of Hong Kong, I told myself that this is a country I'd go back to over and over again. There's just nothing to hate. It doesn't require a visa, and air fare won't shoot up too high because it's not very far from the Philippines. Other than that, I will never get tired of their food. I love eating at Chinese restaurants here in the Philippines. There's no surprise that I enjoy everything I eat when I'm in Hong Kong.

My mom invited me to join her on this trip and as soon as I booked my own ticket, I swore I would make the most out of it. She would be out most of the day for a convention, and I would be on my own, preparing my own itinerary. I actually took my best friend's advice: go where your feet take you. In the morning before my mom leaves, she would ask me what I'd do for the day and I'd always say "I have no idea but I'll keep safe, promise".

On the first day, I found myself googling the nearest vape shop (which seemed far but it really wasn't) because I left my vape in Manila. Stupid, I know. But our flight was at eight in the morning and I've had no sleep so I left it in the car. LOL at me, that's fine. My mom was convincing me to get one cause she's a smoker herself and she understands how I felt at the time. After we had lunch, she actually offered me a stick just because she noticed I was too cranky and couldn't get myself together. I didn't finish it because I couldn't stand the smell, taste and just everything about the cigarette. So anyway,  I also talked to one of my friends who's based in HK if he had an idea where I could get a cheap set and one that is close to where I was staying and he suggested the same place as Google.

My journey begins...

Even at home I'm not very familiar with the public transportation so I decided to take the cab going to the vape shop. Some drivers didn't know where I was going - the cab that accepted me only accepted my trip because the hotel's bellboy told him where it was and taught him the directions. Mr. Cab Driver dropped me on the right street, but I was beginning to doubt the address I had on my Google Maps because the place didn't seem to have a vape shop anywhere. I started walking and walking and walking and still found no vape shop. I walked to a different direction and found a conservative yet clean space from the outside so I prayed it was the vape shop and it was.

I was approached by two Australian guys and readily gave assistance. There were a lot of mods and e-juices to choose from. For a minute there I wanted to buy something beyond the budget I have set but luckily, I decided to stick to my budget. I got myself a Tarrot Mini and it was more than satisfactory. They helped me set up my new mod and told me I could stay and chill for a while and so I did. Just for a while 'cause I was really excited to walk around this unfamiliar place.

After gaining the confidence and courage to walk around alone, I spent the next 4 days not planning where I was going to. I literally just walked around, got down on different stations and went to unfamiliar places. It was quite interesting and worth the cardio!

Here are a few snippets of whatever I put my eye on.

* all photos taken with Fujifilm XA3, Fujinon 23MM lens

Hong Kong Food Blog will be next.
Sorry for the rather lengthy post. I have decided to stray from the blog norm now and make this a very personal post - really sharing what happened in the manner I would to people around me.
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