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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Part of quite a long list of resolutions, I've decided to visit cafes I haven't. Home brewed coffee and Starbucks may still be my go-to coffee shop when heading somewhere, but I'll be searching for a new cafe to work at or stay the whole day.

Nikki and I agreed to do a cafe hopping series this year and this was our first stop: Tyler's Cafe along Katipunan, Quezon City.

It being in Katipunan is already a plus for me because Katipunan will always be home. 

Contrary to that photo I used as cover, the place was well lit  and bright both by lights and the natural light. I love the interior and the ambience a lot. You'll see my favorite part as you go along this post or visit my Instagram.

As you can see, it really has a nice interior design and it's as if it's designed for Instagram. Lol! Kidding aside, I love the design and it's close to all those pins I have on Pinterest for my future home and workspace. I could stay and work here all day. It's not very noisy and it's not too crowded. Just the perfect place for me to sit down, sip coffee, grab a bite, edit, blog, do my taxes, etc.

Clearly, I fell in love with those rose gold lights. And yes, I uploaded the same two photos - one edited and one raw just because I couldn't decide which one to put here. I thought it would also be nice to upload the raw photo as well just so you'd have the idea of how the lighting of the place is as well.

Smoked Beef Sandwich

My brother was also here to have breakfast before he headed to Tagaytay and this was one of his orders. I didn't really get to try this but by the looks of my brother, I'm assuming it was good. I just took a photo of it because I wanted to practice on my food photography.

House Bacon and Egg

This was Nikki's order. This actually comes with rye bread too but she requested for garlic rice and it was nice of them to grant that request. I got to try this one and it was good! Although I liked my order more.

Used my phone for this one. I don't know why I have no photo from my camera lol
Smoked Beef and Eggs

As much as I enjoyed this dish, I think it's quite expensive for its quantity. Regardless, I loved this because the beef was so tender and so tasty! I enjoyed every bite!! Garlic rice was okay too. I liked it even if I'm not a huge garlic rice fan. (Yeah whatever I know I'm weird. I like everything with garlic but garlic rice. Sorry!)

I barely had pictures of myself yesterday because I had only two hours of sleep and I hated how puffy my eyes were. I didn't mind leaving the house with just that amount of sleep because I'm really trying to work on my body clock. This date is just part of many more breakfast dates as part of my change.

We stayed here until about 3PM because we both had other things to do. 


I did order coffee. I ordered what they said was their best seller, which was the Sweet & Creamy Coffee, P170. I didn't take a photo of it because I don't think I had the right amount of creative juice yesterday and I'm not sure it would have been a good photo. It was served with ice, and in a simple but pretty glass. 

I would definitely come back here for a lot of reasons but I must be honest... the internet yesterday was pretty bad. I kept on losing my connection and they had to restart twice (I guess) just because it wasn't working well. 

Nevertheless, Tyler's Cafe is worth the try.
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  1. Hihi. Blog partner! Love you! To more productive days and a cup of coffee. xx

    1. Don't forget to research for the next one! It's your turn!

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