Twenty Seven at Twenty Seventeen

Monday, January 1, 2018

Wow, that was quick.

I barely composed a blog entry this year and I'm somehow disappointed. There have been a lot of good moments this year and just like all the other lazy blog years in all of my twelve years of blogging, I'm gonna write it down in just one entry. It's gonna be a long one but I'll make sure it'll be worth the time.

To begin with, I remember clearly how I started 12:00 with my Rab again and that's a great start. Then again, life isn't perfect.

January was a pretty rough month. After 11 months of being together every single day in 2016 (seriously, not one day missed), Rab had to get back to work. He took 11 months off work cause his work really gets to him in a bad way. With prayers heard, he got a better job with a better company and all was well except for the fact that we were back to being long distance relationship warriors. We always survive through the pain of not being together but at the same time taking this opportunity to have time for ourselves, friends, and family. I must admit, I sometimes think it's okay not to have my me time, but then again, being around different couples and reading about different couple struggles, this me time and his time have been one of our best friends. We both ugly cried before he left, and it was one of the most sincere conversations and moments of our relationship. We both felt the love and concern for each other on a different level.  

But on happy thoughts, before Rab left for work, we witnessed the union of two people dear to us.

Kuya Cris and Dada's wedding was an additional great start to my year. In my opinion, it was simple yet extravagant at the same time. They were able to make their Star Wars themed wedding happen without it being like other weddings - trying hard. I admire Kuya Cris and Dada as a couple and as individuals because I can see that their relationship may have imperfections, the chemistry is there. They have a lot in common and even though they also have differences (i.e. Dada can sing and Kuya Cris, well.. lol), they manage to make it work.

One of the highlights of this year was my friend Diana surprising me. For a minute there I wanted to get mad at her because I saw photos of her here in PH and she didn't even bother meeting up with me or letting me know & then all of a sudden, she's in Singapore. Little did I know that it was part of the plan. I was quietly having lunch at Casa Miguela when she, Maya and Iya stood before me. I screamed out of pure excitement and disbelief. We spent the day catching up and another day for more catching up. 

If one balikbayan story isn't enough, here's another one. My best friend who's based in Dubai was in Manila for a couple of days before flying out to Palawan for her brother's graduation. It's always a great few days for me because that's the only time we have. Just a few days. What's suprising about that is that we get to update each other about the past year's happenings in this short span of time. We spent majority of the time laughing and it just feels good because that's how we were when we were in elementary. It'll always be a good time.

After two months of being apart, Rab and I decided to rent this private island and spend one night alone. The idea of being in a private island together and alone away from all the stress was a great welcome back moment for Rab and a great breather for me.

This was also my Fujifilm’s first trip so this trip also served as my Fujo workshop.

It's Britney, bitch.
If there's one person who supported my Britney addiction, that would be my mom. She bought me all her albums when I was a kid, and she would sing her songs with me. When ads came out about Britney coming to Manila, I checked the prices and shrugged it off. I had priorities at that time and I just couldn't afford to spend that much for the concert. Not bringing it up, my mom asked me for the prices and asked if I were okay to watch alone. Uhm, ma? Of course. Long story short, I had a good seat, good photos, and one hell of a time.

After months of whining about my weight, I finally had Rab agree for us to sign up for a gym membership. He was hesitant at first since he's out of the country once in a while, but after a week, he was more into it than I was. We also started preparing our own meals to save up on money and of course, reach our weight goals. Going to the gym was easy. The diet adjustment was harder. It took about 2 weeks for us to get used to the meal preps but it was all worth it.

I plan to compose a different blog about this fitness journey but I'll do so when I have reached my goal. I have lost a lot of weight but still haven't reached my ultimate goal. Hence, these are the only photos I'll include here.

A year's highlights doesn't always mean they're happy. On September, we decided to finally close our Moonleaf franchise. It would be a bit sketchy for me to elaborate on this in this platform but all I can say is it wasn't enough. There have been a few relationships that was built during the almost two years of operations but sadly, it has been put to an end. Some relationships go on, and some don't.

For my birthday, Rab took me to the closest Harry Potter themed place. I showed my desire to go to Universal Studios Japan for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but unfortunately, I'm a bit choosy of the month I want to go to Japan and so the plan was just a plan. It hasn't been cancelled, just moved. The Nook Cafe, is a small Harry Potter themed cafe along Maginhawa Street. I was excited to taste their version of the butter beer but found it too sweet. Regardless, I had the greatest time there wearing my robe, taking photos and having a good laugh with Rab, Patrisha, Nicole and Naomi.

I turned 27 this year, and I'm still in that I'm-too-old-for-my-current-status thinking. When I was younger, I always told myself I'd be married by 25. I wanted to have kids by 26/27. Also, when I was younger, I imagined I'd have several businesses by this age already. I hate myself for having so much dreams and for wanting too many things but be too lazy to actually get it done. I have one business now, I'm managing a small commercial building, but I just know that it's not enough for the life I want to have. I'm not greedy, nor do I dream to live in the most elite villages in the Philippines, nor do I want to own a rest house in prime vacation spots. I want a rather simple life but at the same time reach my #housegoals, #parentinggoals, and simply goals. What I have now is not enough for all that. Marriage wise, I'm 101% sure I'm already with the person I want to be married to but we both know that we still lack on the financial department. Getting married and starting a life together is not as easy as we all thought it would be and we know that. So before we pursue the getting married plans, we are planning to save up first. 

I spent my birthday with my friends at their bar also along Maginhawa. It wasn't like it used to be, you know, drinking on my birthday like I always did in college (well, duh. I don't drink anymore). But having several meaningful conversations with good friends is more than enough.

Regardless, I know that I'm still a work in progress and there are still a lot to learn. Here are several photos of my 27th birthday.

To start December, Rabi's family planned a Pico de Loro trip and I knew that it would be the perfect place for me to get away from the stress I have at work. I liked how we cooked our meals to save a lot of money and of course, additional bonding.

Christmas Eve is one of the nights the whole world anticipates. I highly anticipated Christmas Eve because Rab is here and that's literally the best gift ever. I had two family Christmas celebrations this year and it's good practice for when we get married. Hihi.

December 23, 2017
Christmas with the Mi├▒ano family
Teodoro Residence

December 24-25, 2017
My crazy family

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  1. Kilig that we made it on your list! Cheers to an even greater 2018! xoxo

    1. Of course! Super fun and ang gandang start ng year! :)


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