7 Days Into 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Every new year, do we really expect things to magically turn better? Or magically change?

Well, not really. We can do it, we can change. It's just we can't expect everything to happen overnight. I believe in change, and I believe it happens at a gradual manner.

So how has my first week been?

Well, for one, I wrote down all my plans, goals, and wishes for this year. I also wrote down some 2017 problems that I want to get rid of this year. The list includes the following:

  • debts
  • unfinished duties
  • untouched plans
I'm not ashamed to share on this online journal that I have debts. Who doesn't?! Anyway, I am currently planning an effective and feasible strategy to end my debts. Unfinished duties are ones related to work that I kept on delaying until I've reached the point where I have to pay extra because I've passed the deadline whatsoever. Untouched plans are great plans for my spa, but seem to stay as plans. I want to work on them this year and I do hope my plans become actions and eventually my goals would be reached.

Slickville Barbers, Katipunan.

Rab, probably just like any guy, has this thing about delaying his haircut. I finally convinced him to get a haircut after more than a month of bugging him about it. He only did so because he was to get his passport renewed the next day. Lol. Boys.

As Rabi was getting his not-expired-passport renewed, I opted to stay at a coffee shop to start deducting those unfinished duties of mine. We were at Robinsons Galleria because the DFA Satelite Center there caters to only OFWs. I know, there have been a lot of rage regarding DFA's full schedule till March. Apparently, OFWs can go to Robinsons Galleria for their passports. Mind you, they have a 400-head cut off per day. You should be there very early to be able to renew. We arrived at 6AM, and Rab was the 254th person in line. 

Anyway, before I started working, I thought I'd take photos first. I'm proud to say I've finished what I planned to finish the whole morning. Yey to not delaying this. I could have watched a movie, you know. You should be proud of me too. Hehe!

Working at coffee shops, we do have our expectations. We get these expectations from bloggers who have photos of themselves working. Unfortunately, I'm a businesswoman and I work mostly with receipts, taxes and a lot of papers. This is how my working a coffee shop looks.

That's how Rab's hair turned out, and I love it! This is my very positive boyfriend amidst the long line and hunger and of course, loss of sleep.

For lunch, we decided to eat at the food court to have many choices. As for me, I went with Pepper Lunch's Ribeye Steak. It's always the best choice for me.

Also,  I've finally come up with a tagline for this blog. Well, not really. This was Rab's idea and I loved it the moment he mentioned it. I was going for your muggle neighbor, muggle-born blogger, half-blood, and half-blood princess. LOL!!!!! Yes I really planned on doing the half-blood princess out of admiration for Severus Snape. He stopped me from this shame and thought about it for a few minutes. He's also mentioned some other good ones but this was the best one for me.

Here's a short vocabulary lesson to justify my blog's name:

Damsel, tamang parinig kay Rab that I'm unmarried. ;) hihi

How's your first week been?
2 comments on "7 Days Into 2018"
  1. Love the new tagline! But there's no shame in Half-Blood Princess! Hahaha! #potterhead

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Iniisip ko haluan nalang yung about ko ng HP since hindi ko magamit as blog name / tagline. :)))


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