Girls Down South

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My friend Nicole and I have been planning to go to the South since last year. Thankfully, I had to do do some things at my condo (in Makati) so we finally had the chance visit Sunnies Cafe.

We arrived at dinner time, and the place was quite dark so I barely have photos of the place. I'm planning to go back for lunch some time soon.

These photos are from Pazzo Brew Bar which is located in Maginhawa where we met, grabbed coffee and waited for our Uber. I'll probably write a different entry for this.

This was shot from my condo's balcony. We just took advantage of the sun and the buildings.

I decided not to add the steak I ordered since I'm not very satisfied with the photo. Included here is the Tres Leches cake, which was nothing but heavenly. I have all the reasons to go back to Sunnies Cafe - the food, the service, and the place. As mentioned above, I'm planning to go back at lunchtime since I found the place dark. There were many lights, but they were turned off.

* This is mainly a post of photos I'd like to share and remember in the future through this online journal. Nothing special. :)

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