Marikina Food Trip Series IV

Saturday, August 13, 2016

For the last part of our Marikina food escapade, we went to Fino Deli which is located at Marikina Heights. I was very happy that we had this restaurant last for the day because the ambience is different and has a really relaxing vibe. It's most likely because of the wine, but there's just more to it.
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From the looks of it, you'll get the idea that it is a fine dining restaurant and that the food might be too expensive, but it's not. The place used to be a house owned by a general, and the owners decided not to touch the main structure. Fino Deli offers Spanish-Italian cuisine, as well as fine wine. They have function rooms available and the rates depend on the days you avail it. 

Function room
Function room
 They have a wine cellar and the temperature is at 19 degrees so the goodness of each wine is preserved. They import their wine from Romania, and they are the only seller of Castel Starmina. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try any Castel Starmina wine during this visit, but I definitely will on my next. Cutting the wine topic cause I can't wait to share my experience with the food.

First off, I chose this roze as my wine of the night. It was so good. One of the bests that I have tried! I don't remember how many glasses I've had but I remember trying to stop myself from drinking too much because I still had a long night to go.

Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #1, P445 & Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter #2, P320

As we all know, wine is best paired with cheese and we were served the best. We had a platter of cheese and cold cuts and I couldn't thank Fino enough for this good combo!

Moving forward, we had French Onion Soup as appetizer.

French Onion Soup, P125
Call me ignorant, but I have never had this soup before because I would always imagine a weird taste knowing it's onion soup. When the soup arrived, all I saw was cheese. It was filled with mozzarella. Oh God. For a minute there I actually forgot the soup was made of onions!

Fino Salad with Tuna and Honey Vinaigrette, P240
Okay, so I'm not a veggie person. This was the sort of salad my parents would force me to eat and would ignore. This time, I had no choice but to try it. The thing I had in mind was to make sure to taste the tuna, because I knew it was the key to liking the dish. After my first bite, I found myself getting another one. I was engaging to conversations with my friends and I didn't notice that it was green, leafy vegetables with the perfect dressing I was eating. 

Crabonara, P269
Nope, I didn't misspell it. It really is named Crabonara! It is creamy white sauce infused with crab meat and bacon. Drooling yet? 

I am allergic to crab therefore I only had very little of this. I didn't have any medicines with me but I just couldn't resist it. It smells good, it's obviously well-plated and I knew I would regret not knowing how it tasted. When their menu said that it was creamy white sauce, it's no stir. It really is creamy. I like how it's not too creamy to the point that it's just cream you'll taste. The crab meat and bacon bits are definitely present! 

Cinco Queso, P490
Lo and behold, my favorite pizza in the whole world! From the name itself, this wonderful creation has five types of cheese: mozzarella, parmesan, cheddar, blue cheese and cream cheese. If ever you decide to visit Marikina, please please take the time to go to Fino Deli and order this. It is cooked the way you want it to be cooked! The cheese combination was the best and the crunchiness of the dough was excellent. I crave this pizza up to this day. This pizza screams quality. No wait...this pizza screams CHEESE!! 

Tomohawk Pork Chop, P450
Grilled to perfection, this comes with balsamic sauce and mushroom risotto. I am not a huge fan of chops because I always get served with rubber-like chops. You know, the ones where it is not tender at all? When this dish was served, I had the same fear but when I was getting my part, I was surprised I didn't have a hard time slicing. As part of my dismay from other pork chops, I used a knife. Upon my second slice, I just used my spoon. It was that soft. Judging by my photo, you can already tell that it tastes really good. Let me assure you - the photo doesn't give justice to how good it really is. I'm not a fan of other side dishes therefore I would suggest this with rice. Value for money - CHECK. It's worth every peso.

Creme Brulee, P90

The second photo may not be very pleasing, but I needed to add it up because it shows the texture of the dessert and might give you an idea of how lucky I was to be able to try it. Definitely one for the dessert books!

To add up to the good food in Fino Deli, the staff are very attentive. Service is very important to me and the service here gets a grade of 100. Aside from the very pretty and cozy interior shown above, I guarantee you that the toilets of the restaurants are clean! It smells good too.

With Alain Grageda, owner of Fino Deli

For a Quezon City girl, I am more than willing to drive back to all the four restaurtants in my Marikina Food Trip Series. Each restaurant has different things to offer and they're all worth the travel and money. 

Fino Deli
151, Dao St, Marikina, 
1811 Metro Manila, Philippines
Store Hours: 3PM - 12MN 
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