Marikina Food Trip Series III

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Round 3: Street food from everywhere!
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After eating two full meals, visiting Urban Street was quite refreshing because I knew we were going to be served light snacks. Upon entering the restaurant, I instantly wanted to take pictures of the whole place because the interior was just too pretty! The thing that got me was the fact that they chose to do different themes on the different walls and corners of the place. It was very artistic, you are gonna love it!

Nice, right? You can choose between sitting at the high chairs or just the normal bench. Regardless, there will always be a good sight.

As soon as the food was served, I pretty much couldn't decide which one I'd like to try first because I personally love every single street food that was present.

ISAW, P35 per stick

Let's start with isaw. If you are a fan, Urban's isaw will leave you drooling. Why? Their isaw is eight-freakin-inches long!! This photo I have is proof! I have a lot of friends who have not tried isaw yet because of sanitary reasons, it sounds and looks strange because it is somehow considered exotic, and some just don't give it a try. If you're one of them and your reasons for not eating is that your mom never let you because it's "dirty", then Urban Street at Lilac is the place to go! Their isaw is guaranteed clean but I assure you that it is not less tasty! Another thing about their isaw is that it is evenly grilled. Have you tried eating isaw on the streets and find some parts of the isaw uncooked? Well, that will not happen here. 

Manila Street Food Tusok-tusok, P75

It's easy to say that most squid and fish balls and kikiams just taste the same; but dipping it on the sauce tells a different story. Their special house sauce is the one that gives it its edge and definitely makes the dish worth your money.

Thai Pok Pok Chicken Wings, P150

I love chicken, and I think it's very obvious that I am very keen with the way it is cooked. I honestly lose my appetite when it's under cooked. Urban's perfectly cooked Thai Pok-Pok wings are to die for. I learned that it is called "pok pok" because they use mortar and pestle to "pokpok" the chicken. Interesting, huh. The taste of this chicken....oh my goodness. It is by far one of the most flavorful chicken dish I have ever tasted! I love that even without the skin, it is still very tasty. Although I would personally want this meal to be served with rice...cause I'm a rice person like that.

Chicken and Pork Satay, P120

Satay is a famous Indonesian street food. Aside from the recipe used in the meat, the secret to a good satay dish would be its peanut sauce. If you can see the strands in the meat, that is actually lemongrass. Not sure if it's a huge secret, but it makes a huge plus in the taste! I love the tenderness of the meat and the taste of the sauce. If you are allergic to peanuts but you want to taste this, that's okay. Urban has made the meat tasty enough it can survive and taste really good without the sauce. 

I am not exaggerating. It is THAT good.

Chicken and Pork Yakitori, P120

If you have read several older posts, I always say I'm not into Japanese food therefore this was my first ever Yakitori meal. I have this impression of Japanese food being a little less salty for my taste (I know, I don't even have basis for that), but the Yakitori proved otherwise. I like anything marinated with soy sauce, and I obviously like anything that is perfectly cooked so there's nothing to dislike about this dish. I love how Mark, the owner, has put so much passion in researching and studying the art of making these dishes! They all just come out so perfect!

Tinapa Pesto Pizza, P180

I have never given others the chance to introduce me their Tinapa pizzas, but this Tinapa Pesto Pizza is just so generous with cheese that I can't help but divulge into this goodness. We would normally expect these pizzas to taste like fish but their pizza doesn't taste of just fish. The most present flavor is obviously the cheese and pesto and to me, that only means this is a superb dish.

Smother this garlic into the pizza. we did. We're glad we did. I'm grateful we did. Perfetto!

Far from your traditional nachos, I love how these goodies were served! Dipping it on the beef and layers of cheese finally makes me eat every nacho chip with the same amount of "sauce" I want. I find this dish very filling for a snack because of the beef so I only got to eat very few of it but everything went well together.

All in all, I can say is that Urban Street is my go-to place when I crave for street food from different countries. From the interior to the food, they have just won me over.

Urban Street
World's Best Street Food
Ground Floor, 10 Lilac Building, 10 Lilac Street, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
Store Hours:
12NN to 11:30PM
02 6219732
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