Marikina Food Trip Series I

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Of course, it goes without saying that I am into food. I was invited by my friend Mai to Marikina for a food trip, and who am I to say no to that?

First stop: Drei's Modern Day Cuisine
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It's my first time to visit Marikina for food, and Drei's Cuisine was a good start! It wasn't hard to locate; given I'm a moron when it comes to directions and that I don't really go to Marikina (if I need not reiterate it). As I got down from the car, their al fresco area, also considered their entrance caught my attention. It felt very homey, and definitely very creative. I then questioned my lack of creativity again when it comes to lettering, calligraphy, or basically doodling. The spot is 100% Instagramable which I know is such a plus for everyone now.

Drei's Cuisine opened just last January and the story touched my sleeping emotions. After having a conversation with Darmie, owner, I found out that the restaurant was named after her late brother, Drei, who also had the passion for food. It breaks my heart, but I'm sure that Drei is smiling down from heaven seeing his family do something that can make other families grow closer together by eating together.

Now, let's talk food.

One of the things I love most about Drei's Cuisine is that everything has been mixed with magic. They made fusions that go perfectly together therefore gives your tummy and taste buds ultimate satisfaction.

Laing Fondue, P160

This to-share meal served as our appetizer. Everything was new to me: laing with cheese, and bread. I had my notebook with me, and reviewing it now, I wrote, "tell mama about this". Lol! My mom loves laing more than I do and I immediately knew she would love this dish as much as I did (probably even more than I did).

Lumpiang Sisig, P160
Being Filipino, we all love lumpia and sisig. Mixed together? HEAVEN! It's not as heavy as it would have been, and can serve as mirienda too. If I remember it correctly, there was cheese too. Their love for adding twists on their food leaves me in awe and crave for more!

Pecho Pandan, Sharing P280
Pecho Pandan, Sharing P280
Whenever I'm in a new restaurant and I have no idea which are the good ones, I always end up ordering Chicken Pandan or Thai Chicken Pandan or whatever you want to name it. When their Pecho Pandan was served, my inner chicken addict was jumping out of joy because I knew it was something I would love. Loving Pandan Chicken, I have high standards. Glad to know this (honestly) exceeded my expectations! It was very tasty to the fact that I didn't need to dip in the sauce. Since my friends and I were just sharing, I had to ask politely if I could get more rice cause I really wanted more. I love that the chicken was perfectly cooked! As much as I love eating chicken, I lose my appetite whenever the chicken is part raw or some are overcooked. Needless to say, this has overtaken my favorite restaurant for Chicken Pandan!

I love Putobumbong, and I can eat it everyday. If I haven't mentioned it enough, they're really good at food fusion! I am very picky when it comes to cheesecakes because most, if not all, come out very dry, and we all want it to be moist. Mixed with putobumbong and bibingka, wow! They have really aced this dessert!

All in all, everything about Drei's Cuisine makes me want to drive that extra mile to Marikina and eat there again.

I can't not include the artwork they made inside their toilet!

With the gang! I loved everyone so much!
Drei's Modern Day Cuisine
51 Katipunan St., Marikina,
Metro Manila
+632 899 66 53
Open Daily, 11AM-11PM
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