Time to Breathe

Friday, June 10, 2016
As we all know, Batangas is just a few hours from Manila. If I'm not mistaken, I've been to 2-3 resorts in Batangas before, but none of them are as pretty as this one. Well, given the membership price, it should be this pretty.

The Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club is the closest world-class private beach club to Metro Manila. Located only 90 minutes away from the capital, the Club is the pioneer leisure club at Hamilo Coast, the premier seaside development of the SM Group in Nasugbu, Batangas.
With the most extensive land- and sea-based recreational facilities in the Nasugbu area, membership at the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club means lifetime access to the best of land and sea, all in one convenient location.
To inquire about membership at the Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, call (+632) 945 8000.
 I got this from their website.

If you're interested to buy a membership (or a unit lol), it's better you contact them. But if I'm not mistaken, you can look for someone who owns a unit and rent it so you could visit the place. The unit owner would just write a letter that authorizes you to stay at his/her unit and arrange prices with him/her. It's actually a pretty neat transaction if you ask me.

We stayed at a condo unit which made it all the more interesting. We cooked and ate altogether. We watched movies, laughed and bonded for five days.

View from the balcony. Ugh, every morning was a good morning because of all these greens
Once again, I'm pretty disappointed at myself for not being able to have good photos of the place. Being defensive, here's why: I didn't have the chance to take good photos because as we arrived, we had a lot of stuff (and I mean a lot) so that sort of ruined the beautiful interior of the unit.

Moving forward, here are some photos from the entrance of Hamilo Coast.

It's already June, and it's only my first time to have a getaway this year. Rab and I were both very excited because it would be a time where no one and nothing else mattered but the fact that we were together in a lovely place with his family. Life gets to play with us real hard - but life also gives us the chance to enjoy and actually live. I can't wait for more trips like this - with his family and Rab joining me and my family. 

Contrary to the photos that I have, the weather was a bit gloomy for most parts of our stay. We got lucky Mr. Sun and the blue skies showed up. We strolled around every chance we got.

This was taken about 30 minutes before sunset

Ojela and Rodney

You guys might think I used different filters on the different sunset shots. Well, no. I am also not saying that the sky's colors were magically changing by the minute. The reason why there are different colors per shot is because they were taken in different times and the later it becomes, the darker the sky (well, duh). Regardless, let's all agree: the water, the waves, the sound of the waves crashing, the sunset, and the people we love all in one place - it's perfect. 


Rab knows how I've always wanted to try riding a Jet Ski so that was one thing he made sure would happen on his clock. I saw the disappointment on his face every time we were told that the water activities were already closed. 

As per Pico de Loro employees, Sea Sports / Water Activities close at 5PM and the last call for 1-hour activities is 4PM, 30-minute activities at 4:30PM. On another note, the activities may close earlier depending on the weather and water conditions.

It was very satisfying to feel the saltwater on my skin during those days because I've been longing for that salty taste for months now. The beach was nice, and the beach chairs and setup were also nice, but there were a lot of trash on the water. I still don't understand why you need to eat Piattos while having a dip on the ocean. I don't get why you need to eat your Gardenia bread there. More to the point I need to show, why eat on the water and leave the plastics there. How indifferent and insensitive can you be? Being the "world-class private beach club" that Pico de Loro is, there were people cleaning the beach just a few minutes before they officially close the beach. My opinion is that they should clean it once in a while and at the same time not allow people to eat there.

Nevertheless, you'll easily fall in love with the place.

View while walking to the beach side
This photo is proof of the happines this brought me

They don't allow guests and members to swim on this part because it's rocky and there are sea creatures that are sensitive but it was a pretty sight and I noticed this was where the Jet Skis were parked. It also looks different because it is mixed with freshwater. 


I'm very happy to see and know that Rab's mom was very happy to spend her birthday with us. We missed his sister a lot who was home in Manila, but still made the best out of the trip. We had a simple dinner at the restaurant (but we were given a function room lol).


We passed by Tagaytay on our way back to Manila for late lunch and to buy some goodies. I've already had a millions photos of the Taal Volcano, but I still can't stop taking snaps of it. Besides, it's one thing to be proud of, right?

Taken from the Twin Lakes viewing deck

Thank you for a wonderful experience. You make my heart sing. ♥

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  1. I've always wanted to visit this place!!! Will contact you na lang for more info. <3


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