Food: Xocolat

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Xocolat has always been a place for me to chill at with my friends since college. I never outgrew my Xocolat addiction just because.

This has been my favorite since the year 2009. My friends introduced it to me and I never stopped ordering it, ever. It has a very unique taste for a lemon iced tea. It is priced at P65. Worth it, right?

This is their Xoco Lava. This is under their Cold Caprichos menu. I don't order this on a regular basis but it is also a must try. It's not too sweet given they still add chocolate syrup on top of the ice cream. It's priced at P145.

This is their Xoco Dinosaur. Ugh, this drink. This drink is one of the most sinful drinks yet. As weird as it sounds, I love powdered drinks - milk such as Bear Brand, Alaska, Milo, etc. I eat them fresh! I love this drink so much because the drink itself is good, added with choco powder, damn. It's priced at P165.

I don't eat other dishes here cause I'm not really a big fan of pasta, so I always order their Xocolat Pork Belly. It comes with their concoction of bagoong sauce, which gives the typical pork belly a different taste. I don't always eat mashed potatoes cause again, I'm not a fan. But I find myself always wanting more of their mashed potatoes. All in all, this dish is part of my "I-crave-for" list. It's priced at P245. A bit pricey, but oh well.

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