Personal: Twenty Fifth

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Although I know that I cannot really escape it, I was very hesitant on turning 25. There were a lot of things that were pressuring me and I didn't know if I had the courage to face them given that there would be another year added to my life. 

Few things I've learned throughout twenty five years of existing.

1. When there is no one else, look up.

It is very important to have God in your life. I have failed so many times before, and on every failure, it was Him who helped me get back up. I know that He knows my heart more than I know it, and it makes it easier for me to talk to Him. The power of prayer has amazed me so many times; even during those times I didn't deserve it. I am not afraid to tell the world how prayerful I am, because why would I be ashamed to have a relationship with God?

2. There are people who don't want to see you succeed just because they want to have a life better than yours.

...or at least make believe that their life is better than yours. There are a lot of times when I've witnessed people trying to pull me down. It used to matter a lot, but right now, it just doesn't. I have finally accepted the fact that I cannot please everyone. Yes, I had a hard time accepting this. I have this thing where I like adjusting myself just for these people to "like" me. No, not anymore. As long as I don't do you any harm, I'm good. If you still try to pull me down, go ahead and try.

3. The older you get, the lesser friends you have.

I'm not saying you'll lose the friends you had. Maybe some, but not all. What I mean is that you'll be needing just the real ones, and the ones who actually want to be your friend. We will all have different paths, and so we all have to understand that there will be differences in our relationships. I remember my best friend telling me that if they are your real friends, you wouldn't have to beg. True. Your real friends will always be there, no matter what.

4. People forgive.

So maybe I can't speak for everyone. I have a friend who has a really hard time in forgiving. Then again, most people do. People move on, and even when the person who has hurt them does not say sorry, with time, they get to forgive. Along with this, I have also learned the importance of asking for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving give a person so much peace. 

5. Finding the right one isn't hard, especially if you try to be the right one as well.

I know, I sound so in love. I am, that's why. But honestly, seeing my friends in relationships that are actually for keeps, this is so true. I believe that we've all been in a state where we expect a lot from our partners but do not really realize that maybe there was also something missing in us as partners. Maybe we weren't being the "right one" for them too. Maybe we were too demanding, too sweet, too kind, too everything. Too much of everything can actually be too bad. I'm glad to finally be with someone who is right for me. Someone who is right for my insanity, my negativity, and at the same time, right for my sanity. 

I only had a simple birthday dinner with my family this year.
Here are a few snaps from that night.

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