Food: Racks

Thursday, May 21, 2015

As mentioned on my previous entry, I've decided to create a series of blogs about my favorites. Racks, claiming to have the best ribs in town, is actually my personal favorite "ribs in town". 

Rab and I always choose to eat at Racks (whichever branch is the closest from where we are) when we both crave for ribs. Their tag line for their ribs is: "Flame Grilled - Falls Off the Bone". As a frequent Racks eater, I would agree to this a million times.

Racks Baby Ribs
Half Slab
Side Dish: 2 cups of rice

We would always order Racks Baby Ribs. Just like any other restaurant, they set their tables with spoon, fork, and a knife. Western people, if I'm not mistaken, they eat using knives and forks. As a proud Filipino, I am used to using spoon and fork. Usually, I would still use the given knife because other restaurants slightly fail on serving a really tender set of ribs. With Racks, you wouldn't really need the knife to slice a piece. It literally falls off the bone. About the taste, I would give it a score of 90, and the remaining 10 would go to their sauce that goes really well with it; so they still get a score of 100 from me. 

Aside from great food, most Racks branches we've been to have really great service. They'd always tell you that it will be served within 15 minutes, and most of the time, our order would arrive in less than 15 minutes. In addition, you need not ask for water for their staff automatically serves glasses of water to be followed by a pitcher. 

We've eaten at Racks Megamall, SM North, and Magallanes, but this certain dine in was at their Timog branch. You can check out all their other branches here at their Munchpunch page.
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  1. Yung totoo, sino talaga favorite mo? Ribs or Rab? HAHAHAH kidding! miss you!

  2. Pwede both? Hahaha! Miss you too!!


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