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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Throughout my short blogging hiatus, I still kept on reading famous blogs and noticed how most of them have very organized entries. I'm not trying to be as good as these people, but I thought it would be better for my own (personal) blog if I would create categories. I came up with Favorites Edition and would think of other terms/names for other entries I am to write.

Cafe Breton is considered as one of my favorites and I visit any branch at least once a month. I always crave for their crepes. I don't order coffee there that much because I am such a Starbucks person, and also because in my opinion, they have something better in store for me.

Butter and Sugar Crepe with extra fresh cream
P88 + P43 

They have a lot more choices for crepes but this really captured my heart. I believe it is the cheapest because it's somewhat plain, but I love how it tastes perfectly. I always order extra fresh cream because without it, it's really really plain. It's not too sweet, and it is exactly what I am looking for in a crepe. When I was in college, we had a crepe stand in our cafeteria and I always ordered something too sweet and that's probably why I prefer just the right amount of sweet. I'm sorry, make that the perfect amount of sweet. During my first few months of Butter and Sugar Crepe addiction, I order two extra fresh creams until I decided to stick with just one. I don't pour the cream on my crepe - I cut a small piece and then dip it on the cream. Uh, perf.

Banana Fruit Slush

As mentioned above, I don't order coffee that much unless I really need one. I always order their Banana Slush. It's obviously made of fresh bananas, but it doesn't have milk. You can order the Banana Shake if you want milk to be added. I prefer the slush over the shake because sometimes, the milk and sugar overpowers the taste of the banana. I like it fresh-er.

My favorite Cafe Breton branches are:
Greenbelt 3
Tomas Morato
Techno Hub

There are a lot more branches like TriNoma, Westgate Center, Podium, SM Mall of Asia, Robinsons Midtown, and The Hub.

Go and visit the branches closest to you!
2 comments on "Food: Cafe Breton"
  1. I'm soooo curious when you posted the photo weeks ago! I'm trying this out at their Trinoma branch soon! :)

    1. Go and try!! It's very delicious AND affordable! Well hindi kasing cheap ng Crepeman pero worth it!


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