Travel: Baguio, 2015

Thursday, January 29, 2015
Cembrano + Medina | © Kenneth Guevara, iPhone 6
If you are to ask the reason why we went to Baguio, the answer is simple. My brother and his friends went to Baguio last week; and my mom got jealous. She then planned a trip to Baguio. We would normally stay at Baguio Country Club, but it was full. Well, given the news that the weather was nice, it's really hard to book anywhere else.

I found it unusual that my mom searched Agoda for a place to stay at since she's not really into the web. We were supposed to stay at this Azalea place, but then my mom found UHV. It was a house with 5 bedrooms and was relatively cheaper than the 2-bedroom suite she had reserved at Azalea. At first, we were already settled and joked around that each of us will have our own room until I asked my mom if we could invite the Medina family to join the fun. Long story short, there were 8 of us and there was still enough room for at least 5 more people.

© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6

It literally is a village and it reminded me of San Francisco. The weather during the time of our stay added up to its San Francisco vibe. I believe they have a coffee shop but I wasn't able to try it. Their reception area sold cigarettes so that's really a plus for me.

UHV is not a hotel therefore you shouldn't expect a breakfast buffet. My brother and I look forward to buffet breakfasts, but we always hated waking up early to catch them. There, we brought canned goods, eggs, etc so we could cook & have breakfast. Okay, so they could have breakfast. Since there is no breakfast buffet, I slept my way through breakfast and woke up in time for lunch. Hihi.

So anyway, they have a kitchen with complete stuff - stove, utensils, casseroles, refrigerator, etc. As for my ever ready mother, we brought oil, onions, garlic, soy sauce, etc. The dining table in the house that we got was good for six people.
Dining table | iPhone 6
The kitchen with my momma | iPhone 6
Oh yes, you don't need to bring your own rice cooker
View from the Master's Bedroom | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Me and my brother shared this room | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
This was our bathroom
Master's Bedroom - where my parents stayed | Hi, me.
Wasn't able to take a photo of the whole bathroom but this had a walk-in closet
Ground floor bedroom
Ground floor bathroom
Ground floor bedroom dresser
Basement bedroom
Basement bathroom
Basement bathroom
Third floor/Attic bedroom | Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the bathroom
Basically, there are 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Seriously not bad for its price. I literally couldn't complain. They also offer daily housekeeping services although I remember having a conversation with their housekeeping that they change the sheets every 3 days. Regardless, she changed the sheets when I requested for it with no hesitation.

My favorite, favorite parts of the house are the following:

1. The Veranda

 © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
You can smoke in any part of the house (if you're a non-smoker family/bunch, you should inform them beforehand while making your reservation), although you don't want that so we all smoked here. It was a really nice place to chill at. With the weather last weekend, I can say that we were literally chilling outside. 

2. The Attic / Family Playroom

© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Yeah, me, my brother and my cousin did smoke cigarettes here. But we only did because the oldies pretty much had a hard time coming up the third floor. We bonded here during the first night. The boys were playing games and I was singing alone with our karaoke (we brought our own; not sure if they have one for rent). Don't ask me why there's a tent - I cannot answer you. Nope, no one slept on the tent but it was really funny to see there was one. Pretty much like Xander on Forevermore. Lol! But if you ask me, I'm pretty sure that a group of friends could think of something to do with the tent.


© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Just found this really cute | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
© Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Photo of the house from outside | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Other view | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
Other view | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6
The garage | © Tina Cembrano | iPhone 6

Aside from the weather, why else would you go to Baguio? Easy. STRAWBERRIES.

We made strawberry shake. Damn them strawberries.

In case you're wondering, nope we didn't roam around Baguio this time. We attended mass and ate out, but not really go sight-seeing. I agree that we're all past the phase of "touring" Baguio. We were all after the weather, the togetherness, and of course, the pretty house.

My personal rating for Upper House Village, Baguio: ★★★★★
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    1. I know!! You should give it a try!! It's a little more expensive lang than Baguio Country Club if I'm not mistaken. :)

  2. Ooh, this place is really nice! It's definitely ideal for group outings (with at least a minimum of 10 people).


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