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Personal: Twenty Fifth

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Although I know that I cannot really escape it, I was very hesitant on turning 25. There were a lot of things that were pressuring me and I didn't know if I had the courage to face them given that there would be another year added to my life. 

Few things I've learned throughout twenty five years of existing.

1. When there is no one else, look up.

It is very important to have God in your life. I have failed so many times before, and on every failure, it was Him who helped me get back up. I know that He knows my heart more than I know it, and it makes it easier for me to talk to Him. The power of prayer has amazed me so many times; even during those times I didn't deserve it. I am not afraid to tell the world how prayerful I am, because why would I be ashamed to have a relationship with God?

2. There are people who don't want to see you succeed just because they want to have a life better than yours.

...or at least make believe that their life is better than yours. There are a lot of times when I've witnessed people trying to pull me down. It used to matter a lot, but right now, it just doesn't. I have finally accepted the fact that I cannot please everyone. Yes, I had a hard time accepting this. I have this thing where I like adjusting myself just for these people to "like" me. No, not anymore. As long as I don't do you any harm, I'm good. If you still try to pull me down, go ahead and try.

3. The older you get, the lesser friends you have.

I'm not saying you'll lose the friends you had. Maybe some, but not all. What I mean is that you'll be needing just the real ones, and the ones who actually want to be your friend. We will all have different paths, and so we all have to understand that there will be differences in our relationships. I remember my best friend telling me that if they are your real friends, you wouldn't have to beg. True. Your real friends will always be there, no matter what.

4. People forgive.

So maybe I can't speak for everyone. I have a friend who has a really hard time in forgiving. Then again, most people do. People move on, and even when the person who has hurt them does not say sorry, with time, they get to forgive. Along with this, I have also learned the importance of asking for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving give a person so much peace. 

5. Finding the right one isn't hard, especially if you try to be the right one as well.

I know, I sound so in love. I am, that's why. But honestly, seeing my friends in relationships that are actually for keeps, this is so true. I believe that we've all been in a state where we expect a lot from our partners but do not really realize that maybe there was also something missing in us as partners. Maybe we weren't being the "right one" for them too. Maybe we were too demanding, too sweet, too kind, too everything. Too much of everything can actually be too bad. I'm glad to finally be with someone who is right for me. Someone who is right for my insanity, my negativity, and at the same time, right for my sanity. 

I only had a simple birthday dinner with my family this year.
Here are a few snaps from that night.

Personal: Life Lately...

Monday, November 16, 2015

Just so you could decide as early as now whether to read this entry or not, I am letting you know that this is going to be a long one.

I included this night in this entry because it means a lot to me that my partner's family want me to be there on their special occasions; even without him around. The fact that they want me around, whether he's here or not is very new to me. The first time I was introduced as the one na "nililigawan", I was very nervous because I've had a pretty bad experience with meet-the-parents situations. Since then up to now, warm welcomes and love are the only things I feel. I can and will never forget how his mom told me, "You're my daughter now." I now have two mommies. She even told me stories of how they knew he was in love with me ever since. ♡

Above photos were taken October 5, 2015 at Shakeys Katipunan in celebration of Papa Rudy's birthday.

Photos taken at Ilang-Ilang Cafe, Manila Hotel

Celebrating my grandmother's birthday will always be more than just good food. I love seeing her happy. I may not be able to give the greatest gift, but I will always be present for her. My grandma is very simple but at the same time, she deserves the best things in life. I admire how she can be honest all the time. I love how she handles her children. I love her.

Photo taken at Cafe Adriatico, Adriatico Arms Hotel

Yes, my mom's birthday is on November 1. I remember her telling me that she never got to experience being sung a happy birthday song in class. Regardless, she embraces the fact that her birthday was and will always be a holiday. 

She chose to celebrate her birthday dinner here so we could eat their special Baked Chicken, which, unfortunately, does not have a photo. When we come back, I'll make sure I get to take a photo of their food because they are oh, so good.

Now, for the most exciting part (at least for me). To date, I haven't been smoking cigarettes for one month and eight days now. Yes, I cheated. I quit smoking not by cold turkey, but by vaping. I am not going to turn this entry into VAPE 101, so if you're against it, don't do it. If you think it's worse than smoking, please send me links to read. Make sure they're legit. If you think that I'm doing this to be cool, no. 

Yes, I do have two of these. I bought the pink one for myself, and Rab got me the other one. It's unreasonable to keep both, but I'm sentimental like that. I didn't want to have another one - he wanted so badly to get me this one because it's better than the starter kit that I had. If you ask me, yes, I still use both.

So, has my life been better since?
  • Yes, because I've had way less headaches than I used to. I used to smoke a pack a day, sometimes even more than one. No wonder I get headaches a lot.
  • Yes, because my hyper acidity has not been bugging me since.
  • Yes, because I don't smell like cigarette smoke anymore. My hands smell good all the time. My hair, my clothes, everything.
  • Yes, because I don't pant that much anymore. Much much less panting. Honestly and sincerely.
  • Yes, because my skin doesn't feel sticky anymore.
  • Yes, because my bathroom does not have cigarette ashes on the floor and does not smell bad anymore.
  • Yes, because I don't go crazy when I don't have cigarettes on hand.
Investment wise, of course vaping could be more expensive. But once you have settled for the perfect mod and tank, your maintenance would just be juice, cotton and wires. There's a lot more to discuss but I might just put it in a different entry.

You are still the best part of my day. ♡

Travel: Quick Coffee Fix in Butuan

Thursday, October 15, 2015

For a closer look


Travel + Food: Singapore

Friday, July 10, 2015

We planned this trip a week before so there wasn't really much "planning". Besides, all I wanted was to eat Hainanese Chicken. I didn't even desire to visit Universal Studios, Night Safari, or any other famous spot. All I had in mind was food, glorious food.

Since we didn't go to most of the famous spots, this entry will consist mainly of food. This will be more of a photo blog.

I will only post my favorite dishes from the whole trip.

Hainanes Chicken at Chin-Chin Restaurant, Purvis St.
Chicken BBQ from one of the stalls in Newton Food Center
Grilled Shrimp from one of the stalls in Newton Food Center
Unagi Don at HY California, Marina Bay
Yakisoba Noodle at HY California, Marina Bay
Prime Wagyu Beef Sirloin Steak at HY California, Marina Bay
By far the best Brownie Ala Mode ever made at HY California, Marina Bay
Teriyaki Wagyu Burger Steat at HY California, Marina Bay
U.S. Pork Spare Rib at HY California, Marina Bay
Okay, so those aren't all mine. I took a picture of everything I tasted and loved. I know I said I went to Singapore for Hainanese Chicken, but that Brownie Ala Mode was made in heaven. It is honestly & sincerely  the best I have ever tasted. I've had my share of that dessert and this particular style of preparing it makes me forget my name.

I have failed myself in taking tourist-y shots during this trip because of the bad weather and upon our third day, I got into an accident. Here are a few of our photos in Singapore.

Food: Ramen Nagi, Greenbelt III

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Short intro:
Call me weird, but I'm not really into Japanese food. Before this night, I've tasted Ramen once. I've always dreamed of exploring Japan, but I'm not sure I'm into their food. It's probably my salty taste.

So anyway, my brother insisted on eating here because apparently, it's highly recommended by his friends. Not liking Japanese food, it's my first time to encounter the table sharing concept they have. I googled about it and found this out:

Table sharing is a common practice in busy restaurants in Japan. In Japanese culture, being invited to a person's home to share a meal is rather uncommon and indicates a close relationship. However, sharing a table in public with strangers is just a routine occurrence with no special meaning. It is an example of how Japanese concepts of personal place are adapted to crowded urban living conditions.

- Wikipedia

Now, let's talk food.

My order

Original King (Butao)
"Luscious signature tonkotsu pork-broth"
Award-winning tonkotsu pork broth prepared in the traditional, mark-wateringly rich, fresh and aromatic; special handcrafted noodles and classic Nagi pork chaschu.

Damn! Now I'm gonna have to explain to everybody why I suddenly shifted to I-have-nothing-to-eat-at-a-Japanese-restaurant to let's-eat-Ramen-please!! I loved it so much I couldn't stop thinking about it!  Although I'm probably going to shift from pork belly to shoulder.

Red King (Akao)
"The ultimate in savory spiciness"
A striking blend of garlic, chili oil and cayenne pepper in a velvet broth; topped by a tempting ball of miso-infused minced pork and select Nagi cayenne,  with tender caschu. 

Juicy meat and vegetables seasoned with Japanese spices wrapped in Nagi's special dough and served on a sizzling hot plate with a delightful blend of soy sauce and mayo

Okay, I eat gyoza. To me it's just like dumpling. Well it is dumpling. Whatever. But I love it.

To sum it all up, my experience in Ramen Nagi has indeed changed my mind about Japanese food. It still does not fall into my favorite cuisine, but at least there's something I will order. I cannot wait for my next Ramen Nagi visit.

Ramen Nagi branches:
  • Greenbelt 3
  • SM Aura
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • Robinsons Place Manila
  • SM City North Edsa
  • Robinsons Magnolia

Food: Cyma Greek Taverna

Having lunch outside of the house is relatively an unusual thing for me these days due to my current status that's why I always look forward to these kinds of invites. My mom planned another bonding day and bonding day always turns out to be pig out day.

Cyma Caesar Salad
To Share: P380
Kale, romaine lettuce, grated parmigiano, vine-ripened tomato wedges, kalamata olives croutons. Lemon Ceasar dressing.  

People close to me know that I'm not much of a vegetable kind of girl, but Caesar Salad is one of the very few veggie dishes I eat. Cyma's Caesar salad is not like your traditional Caesar Salad but it tastes good in its own way. I think I finished half of this to-share order.

Hirino Brizola (Grilled Pork Chops)
3/4 inch thick, tender, bone in. Served with your choice of side.

As always, rice on the side. I had a hard time finishing both chops because I was full from the salad, but nevertheless, the chops were great. It was as good as the photo.

Cyma Lamb Chops
Greek Roasted - braised then broiled with lemon, oregano garlic, kefalotiri cheese, mustard, paprika. Served with roasted vegetables and natural jus.  

Greek Clams
To share: P550
White wine, lemon, parsley, parmesan, EVOO, angel hair. 

 My favorite part. I'm also not much of a pasta eater but I always eat this one. Given that its seafood, it doesn't have the stench taste. It's all damn good. Being full with salad and my chops, I was only able to eat a few of this goodness but it doesn't make it any less better than most clam pastas.

There are a lot of Cyma branches in Manila and if I made you crave for such dishes, you could visit the branch closest to your home.

Cyma branches (as per Munchpunch):
  1. Greenbelt 2
  2. Shangri-La Plaza Mall
  3. TriNoma 
  4. Eastwood Mall
  5. Ayala Center - Cebu
  6. Boracay
  7. Robinsons Place - Manila
  8. Robinsons Magnolia

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