Personal: The Season to be Jolly

Friday, December 26, 2014
I basically had four Christmas celebrations for 2014. There could have been more, but I guess I set my priorities straight. Each celebration had its own special something; so I cannot agree more with the popular line, "tis the season to be jolly".

1. Christmas Party with them college ladies.

 I really missed them. I can honestly say that I've missed a lot of good times way back in college for some absurd reasons that's why I somehow find myself trying my best to catch up with everybody. All the girls I got to be with during this night reminded me so much of how having fun, smart, and good friends in college has helped me become a better student. Seeing them successful in their careers inspired me to do better on my own. 

2. Christmas Lunch with my dad's side 

TGI Friday's, Fairview Terraces
It's always nice to know that you are close to your family - both your mom and dad's sides. Although I rarely see them before, I'm happy we all make an effort to see each other more often. My dad has 9 other siblings. Two of them live in Butuan, one in Canada, one in the US, two in Australia, one in Cavite, and the rest are in Manila. It's really, really hard to get them all together. The last time I saw them complete was last 2012. A quick lunch with this bisaya bloodline has been great.

3. Christmas Party with my favorite people

I admit: I hate seeing "my favorite people" or "my favorite man" everywhere, but I can't help it. They really are my favorite people. I enjoy each meeting with them, and I can never have enough. For 8 years now, I guess 2014 was the first year we actually took the exchange gift part seriously. I got what I wanted! There's always a reward for putting what you want on the wishlist when asked to do so.

4. Christmas Eve with the love(s) of my life.

Ever since my first Christmas, there was only one Christmas (2005) that I didn't spend with them because we attended a wedding in LA therefore we spent Christmas in America too. Nevertheless, all my Christmas Evenings were spent with this bunch and it was always fun. I'm not saying it's fun because it would be weird for me to say it wasn't, but I'm saying it because it really was. Growing up, I get excited during the Christmas season because I was expecting gifts from everybody. Turning from a kid to a girl to a young lady and now a young woman, my Christmas expectations have changed. Sure, I won't lie. I still expect gifts. But now, during this season, I look forward to spending the holidays with the people that matter - the people I love dearly.

As far as I can remember, we've always had themes for Christmas. When I was a kid, it used to be just wearing one color such as red, brown, green, whatever. Then it became one color per family. Last year, we decided to step it up a notch. 2013's theme was a Rockstar Christmas. Early December 2014, I was thinking of a theme but was unsuccessful since I really liked the previous one. Then my aunt came up with a Western Christmas theme. I love how everybody took it seriously. 2014's Western Christmas Party was a blast.
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