Funky Friday

Thursday, December 4, 2014
Fairmont Hotel & Raffles Suites, Makati

November 21, 2014
Checked in at Fairmont with my mother.

I loved the room even if it was small because even though we requested for a smoking room, it didn't smell bad at all. I loved our (smoking) room at The Manila Peninsula two weeks earlier, but the smell was horrible. I know we shouldn't even be smoking, but I was expecting the exhaust fans to do its job. Fortunately for Fairmont, since it's a relatively new hotel in Makati, the exhausts are doing a great job. Our smoking room smelled of clean laundry.

If there's one thing I anticipate whenever we check in at hotels, it's got to be the breakfast buffet. We stayed at Fairmont for two nights, so I had experienced two breakfasts. On the first day, I really enjoyed their Chicken Pork Adobo and my forever favorite scrambled egg with onions. I guess I had two plates of those, and a plate of waffle. My favorite part of their buffet would be the juice area. They have different fresh fruit juices and that is definitely an A for me. On the second day, I was so excited to see they had Corned Beef. I immediately grabbed a plate and got myself Corned Beef and again, my scrambled egg. When I was to get another plate of CB since it was really really good, it was gone and they replaced it with something  I am not familiar with. I mean, why?! Why would you replace your delicious Corned Beef with something that doesn't look like it's supposed to be served during breakfast?!

To sum it up, my breakfast experience was an A-. I still prefer Shangri-La hotels :)

Mi lovies from Nexus
While my mom was in a meeting, Kuya Ken and I had lunch and stayed at Starbucks for a while before checking in. After chilling for about an hour in the room, he dropped me off at Nexus. I was invited by the Sales AVP to attend his annual birthday celebration at Nexus. We call this beer bust. Beer bust, from the name itself, is a random Friday night where there is beer to bust. Free unlimited beer. I've always enjoyed attending beer busts before. Now, I enjoy seeing my friends, drinking free beer, and listening to crazy gossips.

Being inside the Nexus office feels like home to me somehow. (Yes, there is a part of me that regrets quitting, but the bigger part of me is still happy I did. Most of the legitimate reasons of my quitting cannot be posted here so I hope some people would stop judging my decision.) When I saw my (old) table, I still felt like the things there were mine even though there was not a single pink item. Passing through my boss' table, going to my big boss' office, my friends' tables, everything. They all feel the same. The Nexus people who have touched my life will always be a part of me no matter how far they are. Most of my friends live in the South so it's really hard to catch up. But seeing them and talking to them last Friday was piece of cake. I love them all dearly.

One more time, yes?
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