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Personal: The Season to be Jolly

Friday, December 26, 2014
I basically had four Christmas celebrations for 2014. There could have been more, but I guess I set my priorities straight. Each celebration had its own special something; so I cannot agree more with the popular line, "tis the season to be jolly".

1. Christmas Party with them college ladies.

 I really missed them. I can honestly say that I've missed a lot of good times way back in college for some absurd reasons that's why I somehow find myself trying my best to catch up with everybody. All the girls I got to be with during this night reminded me so much of how having fun, smart, and good friends in college has helped me become a better student. Seeing them successful in their careers inspired me to do better on my own. 

2. Christmas Lunch with my dad's side 

TGI Friday's, Fairview Terraces
It's always nice to know that you are close to your family - both your mom and dad's sides. Although I rarely see them before, I'm happy we all make an effort to see each other more often. My dad has 9 other siblings. Two of them live in Butuan, one in Canada, one in the US, two in Australia, one in Cavite, and the rest are in Manila. It's really, really hard to get them all together. The last time I saw them complete was last 2012. A quick lunch with this bisaya bloodline has been great.

3. Christmas Party with my favorite people

I admit: I hate seeing "my favorite people" or "my favorite man" everywhere, but I can't help it. They really are my favorite people. I enjoy each meeting with them, and I can never have enough. For 8 years now, I guess 2014 was the first year we actually took the exchange gift part seriously. I got what I wanted! There's always a reward for putting what you want on the wishlist when asked to do so.

4. Christmas Eve with the love(s) of my life.

Ever since my first Christmas, there was only one Christmas (2005) that I didn't spend with them because we attended a wedding in LA therefore we spent Christmas in America too. Nevertheless, all my Christmas Evenings were spent with this bunch and it was always fun. I'm not saying it's fun because it would be weird for me to say it wasn't, but I'm saying it because it really was. Growing up, I get excited during the Christmas season because I was expecting gifts from everybody. Turning from a kid to a girl to a young lady and now a young woman, my Christmas expectations have changed. Sure, I won't lie. I still expect gifts. But now, during this season, I look forward to spending the holidays with the people that matter - the people I love dearly.

As far as I can remember, we've always had themes for Christmas. When I was a kid, it used to be just wearing one color such as red, brown, green, whatever. Then it became one color per family. Last year, we decided to step it up a notch. 2013's theme was a Rockstar Christmas. Early December 2014, I was thinking of a theme but was unsuccessful since I really liked the previous one. Then my aunt came up with a Western Christmas theme. I love how everybody took it seriously. 2014's Western Christmas Party was a blast.

5 Things I Don't Regret

Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Most people I come across recently have the "awww" expressions on their faces whenever they ask about the ex. I mean, people, why? 

Most people would say two things: I've wasted my six years, or I wasted my 6-year relationship. Yes people, I get it. I understand where you are all coming from. But let me show you things on my perspective.

1. I don't regret being in a long-term relationship with the wrong person
© tumblr
Never regret anything because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted.
 Yes, and why would I regret something I know would teach me all the lessons I need to learn? The things I learned throughout the relationship are things I won't read on any book, no friend could ever tell, and no parent could ever teach. Experience is always the best teacher and I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for all those things. I came to realize that my past relationships had to happen so I could prepare myself to be the best girlfriend, fiance, and wife to the right guy.

2. I don't regret being immature at point in time

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Lol. First of all, we were all immature once. With regards to my previous post, yes, I was the girlfriend who would let the boyfriend go on a night out and piss him off. There were even a lot of nights where I wouldn't let him go - which would lead to sneaking out. In other words, lies. 

Along with the immaturity of not understanding that we were 18 and in college, I got jealous of every single girl he meets. I know, why? I don't know. Maybe because I didn't know them at first and just like any other teenage girlfriend, I had this stupid thought in my head where all other girls want my (ex) boyfriend. 

3. I don't regret going back even after being cheated on

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Yes, there was infidelity involved. It was painful, I'm telling you. It hit my self-esteem so bad. It made me question my worth. It made me question myself. Giving the relationship one more chance was a very tough call for me given that my family and friends were against it. Well, in the name of whatever, I gave it a go. To be honest, the first few months were okay, but we were only human. It wasn't all that magical. As time passed, I thought I had gained back my self-esteem and worth. Well, I was wrong.

4. I don't regret trusting my instincts

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In relation to my second I-don't-regret entry, I think my instincts were one of the most helpful things in the world. I always felt there was something wrong somewhere. Maybe it took me awhile to listen to my instincts, but they were always right. I don't regret the nights we would fight about something I just felt but don't really have proof. I don't regret hating a girl I don't know and after a few weeks, months, even years, would turn out to be a third party.

5. I don't regret having my heart broken

Breakups are never easy. Whether you're serious or just playing, it's never easy. In a player's point of view, it's hard to breakup with your partner especially if you know s/he is attached to you. In a serious relationship, it's hard to handle breakups especially if you've given your whole self - your thoughts, your past, your everything. But not having to go through a breakup, in my opinion, would be very sad because you wouldn't know the feeling of leaving a person or being left by a person. That sounds absurd, I know. Why would you want to know that feeling in the first place?

Letting people into my life has always been easy. I am generally a nice & friendly person. I'm pretty confident to say that I welcome friendship as soon as I meet somebody I know I have similarities with. Removing people off my life on the other hand is a very difficult thing for me. I'm not the type of person who could easily just say, "okay, you're out. Leave me alone". Nope, that just ain't me. Before I let go of you, I would ask myself again and again if I could still fight for a space for you in my life. When I have come to the point where even the smallest space to be given to you would be choking my life, then you're good to go.
I am happy I have experienced losing a person I spent a big part of my life with. I'm not making it sound like it's an easy thing to go through, but I want to say that it opened my eyes to the reality that it is inevitable to lose someone but that it is also inevitable to get back up, be happy, and move on. It's very easy to say, "I wish it didn't happen", but I'm glad it did. 

Having dated other people, I've grown more cautious of the things that should and shouldn't happen in a relationship. Opening up to another person was a little bit challenging for me, but finding that person who does not disregard my past but understands more than I can ever imagine is definitely what I need.

Experiencing these things first hand, I know now what I want for myself and my future relationship. My understanding for the needs of my boyfriend/husband has broadened and I'm praying that I become a better girlfriend in the future. I have come to understand the need for a "holiday" so I could have time for myself, my family, and my friends, while he could also have the time for himself. I would usually think that having time apart could lead into cheating... but then again, not all men are the same. I know, and I have faith that there is someone who can and will love me faithfully; and most of all, treat me the way I know I deserve.

© Quote from Google, created this at Photoshop
© Quote from Google, created this at Photoshop

Thoughts: Matters In Question

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
When it comes to dating and being in a relationship, there are a lot of issues that both men and women encounter and it's obviously just part of it. Sometimes, it's even hard to distinguish who is right or wrong in an argument/fight. What are the normal issues that couples encounter?

Well, I'm no relationship expert. I don't know. But I decided to write an entry about the shallow issues that couples go through.

MEN's Issues

1. Monthly menstruation 

Menstruation is the periodic discharge of blood and mucosal tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. This cyclic discharge is seen in females of certain mammalian species (including humans). It begins with the onset of menarche at or before sexual maturity and stops at or near menopause (commonly considered the end of a female's productive life). The periodicity of menstruation gives rise to commonly used euphemisms such as "period" and "monthly".

Most men, if not all, have issues with their girl's monthly period. I know, it's annoying. I know, I've been there. Lol! It's really hard to explain to guys how painful, annoying, irritating and hard it is to have menstruation since, well, they don't have a uterus and don't have a vagina (don't worry, we know you have balls. But you don't get kicked in the nuts monthly, so this argument is invalid).

To make life easier, maybe guys should just imagine how hard, annoying, awkward, and irritating it is when there's blood flowing out a girl's vagina all day long. It's like peeing all day, but with an enormous amount of pain. I've got 3 tips for you guys:
  • Be patient. A girl, no matter how "mature" she can be, is extra sensitive during her period. 
  • Be understanding. A girl can suddenly act like she has all the problems in the world but in reality, she's doing just fine. It's just the hormones; deal with it.
  • Give her food. There is a huge chance her appetite will grow before and during her period, so just give her an ice cream bucket. 

2. Insecurity: Other women (models, porn stars, celebrities, and most importantly, the EX)

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I recently found out about how a girl could react to their guys checking out other women on Facebook, Instagram, Google and the likes. Stalking the ex is a different story.

Boys, you can't really blame us. If we ever catch you looking at pages with images of sexy, beautiful and perfect women, we will really lose our minds. These women: models, porn stars, and celebrities are perfect. They're not even human. They have the most beautiful eyes, long and straight legs, perfect hair, big boobs, small waists, huge ass, flat stomach with abs, and the perfect skin. Knowing that a guy is looking at such images (which is perfectly normal, I get it) is somehow an insult to most girls since normal human beings (such as myself) are flawed. We have huge arms, cellulites, big bellies, the list could just go on and on. We know we can never be that girl. It makes us feel like you look at these girls because of our imperfections.

Now, the ex. Well, a girl's mind is a very complicated mind. We know that things are over between you and your ex, but we still get jealous over them probably because of the fact that at one point in time, you liked/loved them. Again, why? Because we are insecure. We ask ourselves a lot of questions. "Is she prettier than me?", "Was she good in bed?", "Did his parents like her?" -- those things. 

My advice to men:

Just let her win the argument. Tell her what she wants to hear, but remain honest. As for the ex issue, remind her that if your ex was better, then you should have stayed with her instead. Give her the assurance that everything is over between you and your ex.

3. A girl's inability to honestly say what she feels.

This can be of different things: where to eat, to attend a party or not, answer the question "are you mad", or even allowing their boyfriends to go out. Girls, get your shit together. If you want your boyfriend to be honest with his feelings, you better do the same.

I've heard a lot of stories about this and it's really funny how deciding where to eat has become an issue to some couples. Girls, especially those who are pregnant or on their periods are fickle-minded when it comes to what they want to eat and it becomes really annoying for the guys...especially when hungry. As for the going out part, I remember allowing my ex to go to a bar with his friends and actually just piss him off the whole night. I don't know why I did it, but I know it's super ridiculous. I guess I should have just slept through the night or have kept myself busy with something.

Women's Issues

1. Video/Computer Games

Okay, so I've been here. I know how annoying it is to have to wait for your boyfriend to finish a video game. Then maturity hit.

Girls, we are all familiar with the line "boys and their toys". Just let them be. If you want to win the Best Girlfriend Award, let him play with his friends. Consider this as your spa or shopping date with your girlfriends. Boys need their time alone with their games. I don't know, but I think it gives them pride. If you're that cool, try to learn the game and play it with him. Don't suck at it though, you'll give him a headache if you suck.

© Photospin

2. BNO: Boys' Night Out

Okay, so I am also guilty of this. I wasn't a perfect girlfriend. But then I came to realize that not only does he need it, but that I also need it.

You have your girlfriends and he has his friends. If you need alone time with your girls - go on a spa, shopping, lunch out, tea time, salon day, sleepovers, or movie dates, he needs his time with his friends too. Don't take that away from him. 

The thing is, I think most girls have a hard time letting their guys go out because BNOs usually include alcohol. They may go out to bars or clubs and hang out with moderate to huge amount of alcohol and this is when a girl starts to have ludicrous thoughts. I guess most girls cannot move on from the fact that there is a bigger chance the guy will cheat when he's out wit his friends. Why? Let's say there's a group of 5 guys out in a bar. 3 of them are in a relationship, and 2 are single. The 2 single men might like someone from another table, and ask their friends to help them or start a small talk with the girls on the other table. Being "friends", of course they'll talk to the girls too. Then the 2 single men could tease the 3 other guys. I think it gives a guy some sort of pride to know that there is another girl interested in them. I think it makes them feel handsome. Most girls are afraid to trust because of many reasons. They have probably been cheated on before, or their girlfriend has gone through a bad relationship wherein her ex slept with the whole of Makati. You don't know.

As time has passed, especially at the present, I have come to understand how a couple still need time alone. I also learned that not all men have the tendency to cheat. Yes, guys can be one hell of a flirt when they're single, but once they find that girl, they become well behaved. Ladies, if your guy wants to go out with his friends, I think it's better if you let him go without a fight and mean it when you say "have fun" because it will make your men love you even more and feel like they're lucky to have someone who understands his needs. With this, you will also spare yourself of the lies they could actually commit if you become too controlling. 

3. Indifference

Just like our periods, we know that there are days when a guy simply acts indifferent. I'm not saying that they are indeed indifferent, but there are really days where a guy is "not in the mood" to show much affection to their girls or they simply fail to notice a girl's effort to make them smile.

One of the most common "indifferent" issues is how a girl goes to the salon, has her hair and nails done, shop for a new dress to wear for their monthsary date, and a guy fails to notice it, or say something about it. Guys who are reprimanded of this would usually tell their girls that they like their girlfriends more without makeup. Then again, explain why you keep on looking at those perfect girls on the internet. You can't blame a girl for putting up too much makeup for a date when your definition of beautiful and hot is Bar Refaeli or Megan Fox or Sasha Gray. We just really want to impress you.

Men and women of the Earth, we all have issues. Those issues I've written above aren't everything and may not be applicable to you, but they are to some/most people. They are the shallow ones, if I must say. I wrote this entry to remind you that there are bigger problems in this world. Death, poverty, corruption. I could go on and on. I know that emotional baggage is such a heavy one to carry everyday, but it's something you can control as long as you keep your eyes and mind open. For you to lose these things that hurt you, you must be able to understand the nature of your partner, and most of all accept that he/she is as flawed as you are. 


Personal: Risa Viva del Amore ( Live Love Laugh )

Thursday, December 4, 2014

If I were to assume I'd live until I am a hundred years old, then I've got one more year 'till I reach the first quarter of my life. Then again with the lifestyle that I have, I highly doubt I'd reach 85 years old - which gives me all the reason in the world to live to the fullest.

I know that my current status is not very impressive, but I know the road I am to pass through. I am caught up between getting a job temporarily, continue current mini businesses, or start a small business that could eat up my idle time. Believe me, you wouldn't wanna go inside my head. In my case, it's not as easy as it seems; and it's driving me nuts. "I know I am good for something, I just haven't found it yet." People around me usually make it harder for me 'cause it adds up to the pressure I already am giving to myself. I wish I could just post something on my forehead that says, "don't ask". It's hard to answer questions I don't know the answers to; and it's hard to take advices from people who don't know the whole story. 

I know that people usually prepare a list of resolutions every time there is a new year, but this time, I am considering my 24th year a new year. I have prepared a list of things for me to work on and I hope I get to stick to the list until I reach my 25th. Unfortunately, I cannot post the list here since I plan to make it personal so I could really put my heart into it. Don't worry, I'd post it by next year just to see if I stood up for my own words.

November 26, 1990 was the day I was born and I will forever be grateful for life. As mentioned above, my current status (career wise) is not impressive, I've had my share of heartbreaks, I've learned some lessons the hard(est) ways... but I am still grateful for life. I can honestly and sincerely say that I have never been this happy in my entire life. All the things that are happening to me right now, may they be good or bad, I know that they're just falling into places. I've always trusted God's plans for me and I have been given numerous signs that yes, I am in the right path. I guess I would just have to ask for patience and more wisdom for me to accept that not all people will understand me.

November 29, 2014 - Celebration with Friends

November 29, 2014 - Celebration with Friends
November 26, 2014 | Tagaytay with my parents

Late: Halloween Party

If I remember it correctly, we haven't had a Halloween Party before. We probably celebrated before, but only over a bottle of Gran Matador but never really dressed up. Personally, I was very excited for this party even if it was very impromptu because I desperately wanted to spend a lot of time with my friends and I am very grateful for this night.

Gracias por mostrarme las estrellas

Funky Friday

Fairmont Hotel & Raffles Suites, Makati

November 21, 2014
Checked in at Fairmont with my mother.

I loved the room even if it was small because even though we requested for a smoking room, it didn't smell bad at all. I loved our (smoking) room at The Manila Peninsula two weeks earlier, but the smell was horrible. I know we shouldn't even be smoking, but I was expecting the exhaust fans to do its job. Fortunately for Fairmont, since it's a relatively new hotel in Makati, the exhausts are doing a great job. Our smoking room smelled of clean laundry.

If there's one thing I anticipate whenever we check in at hotels, it's got to be the breakfast buffet. We stayed at Fairmont for two nights, so I had experienced two breakfasts. On the first day, I really enjoyed their Chicken Pork Adobo and my forever favorite scrambled egg with onions. I guess I had two plates of those, and a plate of waffle. My favorite part of their buffet would be the juice area. They have different fresh fruit juices and that is definitely an A for me. On the second day, I was so excited to see they had Corned Beef. I immediately grabbed a plate and got myself Corned Beef and again, my scrambled egg. When I was to get another plate of CB since it was really really good, it was gone and they replaced it with something  I am not familiar with. I mean, why?! Why would you replace your delicious Corned Beef with something that doesn't look like it's supposed to be served during breakfast?!

To sum it up, my breakfast experience was an A-. I still prefer Shangri-La hotels :)

Mi lovies from Nexus
While my mom was in a meeting, Kuya Ken and I had lunch and stayed at Starbucks for a while before checking in. After chilling for about an hour in the room, he dropped me off at Nexus. I was invited by the Sales AVP to attend his annual birthday celebration at Nexus. We call this beer bust. Beer bust, from the name itself, is a random Friday night where there is beer to bust. Free unlimited beer. I've always enjoyed attending beer busts before. Now, I enjoy seeing my friends, drinking free beer, and listening to crazy gossips.

Being inside the Nexus office feels like home to me somehow. (Yes, there is a part of me that regrets quitting, but the bigger part of me is still happy I did. Most of the legitimate reasons of my quitting cannot be posted here so I hope some people would stop judging my decision.) When I saw my (old) table, I still felt like the things there were mine even though there was not a single pink item. Passing through my boss' table, going to my big boss' office, my friends' tables, everything. They all feel the same. The Nexus people who have touched my life will always be a part of me no matter how far they are. Most of my friends live in the South so it's really hard to catch up. But seeing them and talking to them last Friday was piece of cake. I love them all dearly.

One more time, yes?

Unforgettable Week in Paradise

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It took me quite a while to post this entry since it's really hard to put down my experience into words.

October 21

We booked our ticket when we found out about a promo so we can't really expect good seats/a good departure time. Our flight was at around 5:30PM (Manila to Kalibo). In Kalibo, we had to ride a van for 2 hours to get to the port where we are to ride a boat to Caticlan. I don't want to talk about the 2-hour van ride.

Boat to Caticlan

I forgot what time we arrived in Caticlan but I'm pretty sure it was late at night and there weren't enough "fun" activities for us so we just checked in, and went to the stations for late dinner.

October 22 - 25

The different activities offered by different Water Sports Companies were all tempting and fun but we only availed of the Parasailing, Parao (Sunset Sailing), FlyFish, and the Paddle Boarding. I was so happy I got to play volleyball too! I don't remember the last time I played. All other parts of the day was spent on the beach! Cool water + fine sand = perfect chill place.

At night, we'd either drink in our room or drink at the stations while listening to live bands. I never really admitted it to myself... but I really enjoy listening to live bands while drinking my beer and laughing with my friends. A little hookah is not bad too!

You didn't go to Boracay if you didn't get shakes from Jonah's Fruit Shake. I must say: I thought it was just a fad or something that most people to to just because it's famous. Their shakes are delish! I'm a fan of pineapple shakes (since I'm into sour drinks) so I ordered Pineapple Banana. It sounds weird, I know. But you should try it! We ate in different places for lunch and dinner every day and night but almost all the restaurants we ate at serve Filipino cuisine. 

I am a Starbucks person therefore I won't let anyone stop me from going to Starbucks Boracay. Okay, so my Iced Venti White Chocolate Mocha (Non-Fat, No Whip) tastes the same in Boracay, but the experience wasn't. Obviously, you're in Boracay. That's one. Two, since I/we always stay at smoking areas, we chose to go to the rooftop where I can drink my coffee under the freakin stars. Three, as part of their job description, the baristas speak different languages so they can communicate better with the foreigners. They can speak Korean, Spanish, Italian, French, and Chinese. They probably know more, but those are the only languages I heard.

My favorite part would be eating good food under the stars. It can never be replaced. It is number one in my heart. 

We stayed at Bambooze Hauz. Yes, I know. It is indeed spelled Hauz. It was far better than I expected. The room wasn't big but it was enough to fit four adults and it had a kitchen so we cooked our breakfast inside the room. We also cooked dinner on some nights. If you're concerned about the smell, just leave the door open while cooking.

Bambooze Hauz Hotel - Php 1,500 / night ( 4 adults )

This sums up my great week in Boracay.
Please watch the following videos.
The first video was made by Nika Peralta and I made the second one.


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