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Another Much Needed Sweet Escape

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I'm so happy September's over! Although I want time to slow down since I don't wanna hit November yet, I'm so excited for October! This month will be a very special month for me.

My friends and I have always wanted to go to Boracay altogether but this is the first time it's actually happening in real life. I can't wait to be with them and do such exciting things together. This will be one hell of a ride, I'm sure. I'm still working on my pocket money but I know it'll all be ready once the trip is due. 

As of now, we only have our tickets. Monica told me that we are to book our hotel some time past October 8 so the payment will be on November. I guess that sounds just right. Nevertheless, I won't mind which hotel/inn we're going to stay at. I'm sure we won't be spending time in the room anyways. 

Another thing I have to prepare for is my body. Well, it's October 1; and it's too late to work for that "beach body". I guess I just have to cut down my Starbucks, extra rice, and all unnecessary food intake so I could lose a few pounds before hitting the beach.

Oh my gosh, this entry has been nonsense. Excuse my excitement.

How about you? Any plans for the ber months yet? :)

The Life I Never Had

September 27, 2014 | Aracama

It was my girl, Nicole's birthday last Saturday and I must say, I did and didn't miss partying. I went there mainly to celebrate with her and my other girlfriends; not because I wanted to dance & flirt with guys just cause I'm free to do so. If I were to look for a boyfriend, clubs would be the last place I'd go to.

Having fun freely with my friends would actually be the life I never had. When I was in high school and my friends and I started partying, though I didn't have a boyfriend back then, the liberty felt different because I was underage and of course my parents didn't know I was drinking & smoking cigarettes. As stated in my previous entry, I had a boyfriend for 6 years and Lord knows how many celebrations I missed and parties I barely enjoyed. I guess the party I attended last Saturday was a party I very well deserved.

I arrived at The Fort Strip around 2300H, and I went around the parking area twice. Damn, that's why I hate that place! Anyway, I called out for help and good thing my friend knows this parking space nearby so I parked there. When I finally arrived at Aracama, I was very happy and excited to see Nikki, the birthday girl, and all my other girlfriends + a few boyfriends. As I expected, the music was loud, there was booze everywhere, and there were a lot (and I mean a lot) of people. I guess the only thing I hated about that night was the crowd which was too much to handle. Oh and another thing, I was pissed off someone that night. It's sort of dangerous for me to disclose whatever it is I hated about that person, but yeah. 

To sum it up, having fun with my friends with absolutely no worries is something I've always wanted. I think I'll be going single for quite some time ;)

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