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Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 5, 2014

 You have probably read my other entry regarding Sunshine Slushie & Comedy Manila and it states there that I was there on the 4th of June. Funny how I couldn't get enough of their slushie.

I invited Pat to Craft because I wanted her to try the Sunshine Slushie and I also wanted to try the Strawberry Slushie my friend ordered the night before. It stands to reason that it was as good as I expected. More than the slushie, I remember Pat saying, "ang sarap talaga maupo dito" (it really feels good to sit here) more than twice. She said she's been wanting to chill at a place where she could stay for hours but be comfortable. Well, I must agree. For the past years, we've been staying in different milk tea places but I think that is about to change. Besides, since their slushies cost P95, it doesn't really make a big difference compared to ordering an P85 peso milk tea. Don't get me wrong, Craft is a coffee place and there are other stuff you could order there. Personally, I'm not just into sweets (cakes, etc) and pasta. I am a coffee person though, and I have yet to try their coffee.

Craft's location is also one thing that captured our hearts. We stayed outside so I could entertain my vice, but I think this is the first time Pat actually didn't mind. There were plants around us which made the ambiance relaxing, scientifically supposed to make the place cooler, and it was quiet. There was music, and of course other people chatting, but so what? It adds up to making this place be awesome. Besides, unlike the milk tea place we're currently visiting, the sound of the tricycle disturbs our conversations. Although in my case, I have to say I'm having difficulty parking my car. They have few slots and they share it with another establishment. The last time I was there, I parked on the street. The night before, even the street parking was full. That's probably the only thing I don't like. Nevertheless, I love Craft. ❤

My Personal Rating for Craft: ★★★★★
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