The Astounding Feeling

Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Hmm. I guess astounding is too much of a word to be used for this entry but I just really wanted to share the weird feeling I felt upon reading a few emails at work yesterday.

First of all, though I've told several of my colleagues that I have filed my resignation, I don't know how there were others I'm not relatively close to who know about it. Oops, my bad. I know how they found out. Lol ;) 

Yesterday, May 5, 2014 is the first day I saw an email that said, "our colleague Tina Cembrano has already resigned and we would like to *insert confidential message here*". Wow, just wow. I am happy that I'm leaving the company and that I am now able to do what I want, but it just hit me that there will be a lot of other things that are important to me in this company that I'll be leaving. I always tell my friends from work that I enjoy working there, but I don't like my job. As odd as it sounds, I also feel odd knowing that I'll be gone soon. I tell myself that I won't be much of a loss since I believe I don't really excel in the industry, but some people tell me otherwise. I even received comments such as "you're smart, just not trying hard enough" and "you don't excel because that's what you tell yourself and you're very distracted". Well, my sincere apologies. Maybe through time, I can really excel. But given all the other opportunities, I don't think I'll find myself falling in love with this job. I just don't see it. But when I come to think of it, I might miss the fact that when I don't have meetings, I'll be in the office, fully air conditioned, I receive my salary twice a month, other incentives, etc.

Before this entry gets longer and gibberish, let me just make it clear that the saddest part of quitting my job is leaving the people I've gotten close to. Though I know that it's going to be easy on my part and theirs to move on, or to get used to not seeing each other every day anymore, but it's just sad. This is just like graduation for me. I'm unsure with the future of our relationship, but I really hope that it will not end.

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