Vacation: Necessity or Want?

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hong Kong
Early November 2013, my best friend and I went to Hong Kong just for fun. Well, we're aspiring travelers. We call ourselves the "travel buddies" since this was our third trip abroad together. It was very fun in many ways even though for two days (I think), I had severe headache. When we arrived at the airport, neither of us knew how to get to the hotel. People would think that it was very stressful; given we were "foreigners" in HK, but it was very fun for us. We asked around, and ended up taking two trains to get to the hotel. We finally figured out that we could travel all of Hong Kong using the MTR, so that was what we did the whole time. Food, shopping, and sights were all good.
My Boracay trip was on the last week of November 2013 as well. It was my birthday weekend, and me and my family stayed at Shangri-La Boracay. I kept on saying this trip was the cherry on top of my birthday week. It was, actually. We stayed at a 5-Star Hotel, with VIP treatment. What else could you ask for?

Hi, I'm still the depressed me. It's been a good Monday and Tuesday, but nothing's changed. I'm still in this shit hole. I guess this is one of the times I really need to go on vacation. When I'm around friends, I tend to forget my worries. I smile and I laugh. When I'm back home, I'm tired from work; and then I remember what happened last Friday. I'm very desperate for a chance to be away from home, away from the people who hurt me, and reflect on myself. I know I'm in this situation right now because of a stupid mistake that I made, but I still don't get how I've been stepped on too much.

I mentioned my two recent vacations because I remember how my whole self was at peace during these vacays. I've gotten to know more about myself during these times. In Hong Kong, as seen above, we went to The Peak. If you're unfamiliar with it, you are to ride a tram all the way up to see the whole of Hong Kong. Wonderful, right? As I was staring at HK's city lights, the bad experiences I had at work came flashing right back at me. Then I realized how blessed I was to be staring at an astonishing view; and that all my troubles were gone. Not really gone, but I was able to understand all the things I didn't get to understand minutes, hours, days, and weeks after a horrible experience. My trip to Boracay, on the other hand, was a vacation where I was able to have an additional check to my bucket list: dive off a cliff. Yes, I did it! There were three points: 5meters, 10meters, and 15 meters. I was able to jump the 10meter-high cliff, but got pretty scared with the 15. I wanted to, but I guess I wasn't ready at the time. I'm going back sooner or later, and I vowed I'd jump the 15. If I were to describe the feeling while jumping off a cliff, it is a feeling that you won't get from the city. All you can see are blue skies, happy people, free alcohol, blue water, and a happy you. Jumping, although with a little nervousness, helps you release all the bad, sad, and negative things in you and I'm not even exaggerating!

So after another long explanation, I guess what I'm trying to say is that when you're below rock bottom, it is a necessity to go on vacation. Anywhere outside your real world is fine. I'd suggest you go for the beach, cause it's way more than relaxing. The heat of the sun may make you go crazy, but the blue sky, the sand (even if you're not in Boracay), the trees, and mostly the ocean - these will give you a different vibe. It helps you think clearly. Another piece of advice: bring someone who can help you forget the world. Lastly, bring a pack of cigarettes and beer and you're off to a good vacation.
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