Twenty Thirteen in One Entry

Monday, January 6, 2014

Yey! Another year has passed and here we all are, trying to hope for a better year. I was thinking of making a collage of my 2013 highlights, but then again I think it wouldn't be enough for me to just put it one photo so I decided to make an entry about it. This will be a long one, so I apologize beforehand.

Coffee with this lady love of mine

Her name's Diane, and my blogs used to be about her. Lol! Not this one though. My friendship with her started out really messy and ended up really clean. I learned a lot of things from her, and I guess the most important lesson our relationship taught me is forgiveness. Believe me, if you knew our story, you'd high five the two of us. Well, we may not be able to talk as much anymore, but I hope she knows she'll always be in my heart. Till I see you again, Panget!

Craziness x4
These are my lovely friends from work. Darren, Lovely, and Patrisha. They're the ones that give me the urge to stay in the company. Love left the company already, and I know that before this year ends, the four of us may have left already. Then again, we won't let go of the friendship we've started. It will never end, may we be in different places or not.

May 2013, Batangas

With Janina

Brother's Graduation

I know how my brother has been longing for this day, and I'm more than happy for him. There's not much to say about this event since this isn't about me. I'm just glad he has finally achieved this.

Get together with high school friends

The Script III Live in Manila

...because I was this close. This fuckin close! Save Rock and Roll, VIP

Fall Out fuckin Boy

Patrick Stump, my love

Lovely and I are both HUGE fans of Fall Out Boy and when they released Save Rock and Roll, I had the feeling they're going on a world tour. Being the woman with great intuition that I am, I was right. Before the prices came out, I already told Love that I am more than willing to spend 10k for this concert. Luckily, the VIP ticket costs less than 10k. I was that fuckin close to Patrick! I was there!! I just think some people from the VIP area lost their manners that upon their third song, Love and I decided to move away. We were to choose between being that close to them or fainting. We were still at the VIP area, they were still close to us, but we had all the space to dance to their songs. I love you, Patrick Stump. I love you, Fall Out Boy! I hope you get the chance to read this and you know, love me back!

Reuniting with Rabi
I couldn't find a solo picture w Rabi during this night, but just to share with you, I kind of got mad at him for several reasons. I don't really want to elaborate, but this was the first night I saw him after everything, and this is Kevin, having the thumbs up pose just cause bati na kami.

Rab's birthday was sort of a reunion cause almost everyone from my group came :)

My lola's birthday

Been waiting since second year college for this. It's finally here!

Arrival at HK airport

Disneyland <3

Ladies' Market! Woot

Breathtaking view from The Peak


Reuniting w the best friend from Dubai

No one can ever understand how much I miss her every time. I always get excited before I see her, and then I get very happy when I'm with her, and then very sad when she leaves. It's always been like that since she left. I'll always miss you. No day/s you give me will be enough :(

I may not like me turning a year older, but I know that I'm still young. My 23rd birthday!

My south friends traveled north for my party!

Them people who will always be there

Beer pong at my place! Improvised second table LOL

Always, always love you

Niker, Ninai, Tiner, Pat

The girls of the night!

My companion to make the party a good one

My favorite cousin in the world from LA just visited Manila! So happy I got to see her again!

Boracay, Nov 2013

View from our villa

Just cause I'm crazy like that

Cliff diving off my bucket list! Highest I jumped was 10 meters


Another view

From our couch

Ze brotha


We stayed at Shangri-La Boracay. Well, I'd like to thank my mom for topping my birthday week! I loved loved loved loved loved this weekend! Shangri-La's service yet again surprised me. Will definitely visit ALL the Shangri-Las everywhere. Shangri-La Boracay, Mactan, Edsa, and Makati - CHECK! More to come.

So there. This pretty much sums up my 2013. Haven't included the Christmas and NYE photos yet. I just felt like it needed a different entry given this one's really long. So, how was yours?
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