The Right One to Trust

Friday, November 15, 2013

"You can simplify your life by learning to develop trust in God. Far too often, we don't allow ourselves to trust. Maybe your trust has been betrayed too many times in the past, or maybe you're just a very independent person. Even so, it's so critical to learn to trust God.

It's easy to get stressed out and run-down trying to make your life work on your own, but that never works. And God's plan is always better than your own. The person who trusts God knows that His way is best.

Now trust won't just magically happen. Trust grows as we take steps of faith and experience God's faithfulness. You have to tell your doubt, your fear, your insecurity, or maybe even your fierce independence to make way for a life of trusting in God. When you do that, you won't have to struggle so much to make your life work.

Trusting God brings a supernatural rest to our souls, allowing us to live simply and freely, the way He wants us to live. So even when it doesn't make sense, trust Him, and experience His freedom and rest.

Prayer Starter: God, Your ways are better than mine and I know that trusting in my own strength will get me nowhere. I place my trust in You. Even when it doesn't make sense to me, I choose to trust You, knowing You will make Your plans come to pass."

- Email from Tus Guevarra

Let me begin by saying what we all know - we all have trust issues. I know how easy it is to imagine living what is written above yet very hard to actually live it. Believe me, this works.

I am not the most religious person there is; but I am more than sure that I have my faith. My faith in God - it's probably stronger than my faith in anybody else. I've had my share of downs. I was hurt, betrayed, cheated on, name it. I've been there. What gets me through everything is my faith. Don't get me wrong. I still go through rough days. What I'm saying is that no matter how painful one experience is, I always believe that one day, I'll get over it and understand why it happened in the first place. Does it sound easy? I know it's not, but trust me on this one: trust Him and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I hope writing this entry does not make me a hypocrite, cause I believe I didn't mention anything that saves me from all the shit that life brings us. I just wanted to share this one and how I handle things that come to me and why my life seems perfect as others see it. 
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