Save Rock & Roll

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Out Boy is my favorite band for so many reasons. Reasons I can't even explain, and reasons I cannot state in one entry. Pete Wentz was right - where is the band who is gonna stand up for the fuckin weirdos? Well, it's a good thing they saved rock and roll.

My lovely friend and I bought VIP tickets because we know it was gonna be worth it; and it was. During the front act (Typecast), there were four people in front of us. Four. When Fall Out Boy came out, the crowd went wild and even though I was inches away from my love (Patrick Stump), I had to give up the spot. People were so smelly, sweaty, and they kept on stepping on my feet. Lovely and I went to the back part, which wasn't really bad cause we're still in the VIP area, and Patrick was still close to me. It was actually a better place - we got to dance to their songs, sing without the fear of eating other people's sweat, and most of all, breathe.

August 8, 2013.
A night to remember.
Fall Out Boy, Save Rock & Roll. Thrilla in Manila.



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