My First Express Way Try

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
About to pay the toll
January 11, 2013
This was our department's Kick Off thing. We had budget for a kick off thing because we won the best video thingy during our Christmas Party. The kick off was held in Laguna. I had the choice not to bring a car but I wanted to go home straight after so I decided to bring a car.

I haven't really tried driving at an express way. The farthest I have driven would be Makati. In college, Katipunan wasn't really a challenge. Driving along SLEX was fun but very unpredictable, especially with the rain. Everything was smooth, everything was fast. My first was very challenging cause I didn't have my dad beside me or the driver telling me what to do next. I've been driving for almost 6 years now but I'm still a panic driver. To my surprise, I enjoyed having 60kph as the minimum speed. Boo you, Commonwealth. It's so much fun driving with 60kph as the minimum!

To sum it up, I had fun. More road trips please?
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