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My First Express Way Try

Wednesday, January 23, 2013
About to pay the toll
January 11, 2013
This was our department's Kick Off thing. We had budget for a kick off thing because we won the best video thingy during our Christmas Party. The kick off was held in Laguna. I had the choice not to bring a car but I wanted to go home straight after so I decided to bring a car.

I haven't really tried driving at an express way. The farthest I have driven would be Makati. In college, Katipunan wasn't really a challenge. Driving along SLEX was fun but very unpredictable, especially with the rain. Everything was smooth, everything was fast. My first was very challenging cause I didn't have my dad beside me or the driver telling me what to do next. I've been driving for almost 6 years now but I'm still a panic driver. To my surprise, I enjoyed having 60kph as the minimum speed. Boo you, Commonwealth. It's so much fun driving with 60kph as the minimum!

To sum it up, I had fun. More road trips please?

My New World

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
I am five (5) months old at my job already and I don't think I have posted an entry involving my work friends. Sorry, I don't really like calling them my "work" friends. For the months I've been with this company, I have spent more than office hours with these people and I believe I found new true friends. Along with all the issues at work, they've stood by my side and have comforted me; and I to them. We have shared a lot about our personal lives already. Nobody is perfect, but we can always choose to be good. There are some people in the office who gave me the fear of looking at everyone in two ways. I have heard a lot of stories, but I don't always tend to believe until I experience them. I try to understand what runs through their heads when they do what they do, but all I want is for them to realize their own faults and change. 

Nevertheless, I thank these people for making my office life an awesome one.


Darren Analee


Darren Analee

Us girls

Nothing to do at the office

Patrisha Rose


Patrisha - my friend since high school, best friend since college, girlfriend since last year

With Lovely while hosting our company's Christmas Party 2012

Lovely, my co-host

Dancing the famous Gangnam thing after hosting

Ana B, girl crush

My first Beer Bust at the office

BK Date with Darren

My mom's pre-birthday gift to me at New World Hotel. That's Nelson, btw

Ending 2012

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas has just ended, and I'd like to say my Christmas was okay.

I haven't blogged for the longest time because for the past months, I wasn't really doing well. Some days are happy, some days are sad. 2012 is probably the most complicated year of my life. I end 2012 with mixed emotions; but definitely thankful it has finally come to an end.

Early this year, I graduated college. When I received my diploma last March 24, I said this was gonna be a good year. I went to Korea with my best friend to celebrate our graduation and yet again, I said this was gonna be a good year. A few months after being a total bum, I went to a job interview. My first job interview, and I got the job. Not bad, isn't it? Then again, I said this was gonna be a good year. Just a few weeks after taking the job, I lost the man I love. It was such an excruciating experience, and I felt like I had to pay for all the good things that happened the whole year. After this, I told myself..."damn, this is such a fuckin year." To be honest, there were nights when I was happy he was gone, but there were more days and nights when I wished we never broke up. But for the three months we weren't together, he actually didn't stop texting. Apparently, he didn't stop making me feel loved. Last December 10, we got back together. A lot of people questioned my decision of taking him back after all he's done, but I don't think that's part of their damn business. Since we got back together, I had someone hate me so much. It's okay, I'll get by.







New Year's Eve was, as always, exciting. I posted a few of my favorite fireworks shots. I'm looking forward to a lot of good things this year. I have not made a list of my resolutions cause I have finally accepted the fact that I don't really stick to my resolutions. The only thing I can promise myself is to let go of all the pain and heartaches 2012 has brought to me and live my life the way I should.

Once again, Happy 2013 from me to you. Let there be peace on Earth!

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