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Butuan Trip 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012
To my lolo: Francisco Cembrano, may you rest in peace.

One of the reasons why I cried before, during and after my graduation was because my dad wasn't there to witness me receive my diploma. An unfortunate event, the passing of my loving grandfather occurred. I understand with all my heart that my dad had to go home to BXU immediately, I just couldn't help but be sad that my dad, my favorite guy, my best friend, my old man, wouldn't be there. But, I'm over it now. :)

I was never really close to my lolo, and that's most likely because he was in Butuan and I'm here in Manila. As a child, I remember visiting twice in Butuan. I don't even remember when he visited here in Manila. I'm very happy to say that we visited BXU last Dec 2010. At least for the last time, I got to see my lolo. He is an angel, because if it wasn't for him and my lola, my dad wouldn't be here. I feel sad for all his ten children, but I always knew he missed my grandmother. At least now, I know they're together. :)

My week-long trip in Butuan taught me a little bit of bisaya, and I got to meet a whole lot of the Cembrano and Radaza clan.
December 2010 - The last time I saw my lolo

March 2012 - The first time in I-don't-know-how-many-years I've seen the Cembrano siblings complete!

It Ends Tonight

March 24, 2012
4:30PM, about to march my way to the end

God has His own ways of making me feel I am loved and that I deserve to get what I need(want). I honestly never saw myself as someone who would graduate on time; given my study habits and vices. I know that my college experience is not the best. I didn't get the chance to get to the Dean's Lister (but luckily, I was ALMOST THERE on my last semester, if only I had my grade in Math higher); I'm not the president of any org, etc. But I know there are a lot of things to be proud of.

  1. General Manager of the Internet Research Center - IRC is a business center in school. It is handled by the Planning and Development Office, but is operated by Entrepreneurship students. I am proud to say that I was its General Manager on my fourth year in college. Obviously, it is the highest position. During my third year in college, I was the Personnel Manager. Therefore I am proud to say that I have become an officer of something big too.
  2. Best in Marketing Effort ( Glace ) - Glace was the mini shoe company we started in second year college. To receive an award during our first Galleria experience was too good to be true.
  3. SJE Student of the Month - I was awarded Student of the Month twice: once in third year and once on my fourth year. It was an org thing, but then again it was printed on a certificate signed by the Department Chairperson and the Dean so it meant something!
  4. Entrepreneurship Debate Society Entrep Team Quarterfinalist - I joined the debate team because my favorite professor sent my name to the head of the Entrep team. I felt so smart because my favorite professor was really hard to please and being recommended in such a thing, oh my. My team (GC and Kyra) only won one debate, but the fact is, we still did. Lol
  5. Internet Research Center: Best Performing Business Center - this isn't only because of me, but I am very proud to say that when I was GM, we won the Best Performing award! It was based on sales and they let the lower batches vote. Lovely!
I'm pretty sure those aren't the only achievements I had, but I guess those are the most important since they're the only ones I remember! So, it ends tonight. It ended that night. The 24th of March. Thank you, Lord God.

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