Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Last September, my grandmother celebrated her 75th birthday at Makati Shang. A few relatives from the States arrived to celebrate her birthday with her and I think that it was really a nice gesture. I was host for the night, along with my brother and my cousin but they didn't really "host" with me. They kept on leaving my side because I don't think they're comfortable with it. I wasn't too, but I wanted to learn/practice hosting. Not that I have plans on having that as career; I just really wanted to see if I could.

My grandmother is the best in the world and I'm not saying that because she is my grandma. I'm saying it because she is the type of grandma you see in movies: the cool one, the one who knows and has everything, your partner in crime and the like. I grew up knowing she'd do everything and give everything to me. I always knew I wasn't her favorite among us three, but I still felt loved. The things I know about my grandma are only 1/8 of her whole amazing personality. During the party, I found out about a lot of things about her that made me more proud of her than I already am.

At 75, my grandmother
  • looks 10 years younger than her high school friends who came
  • is so much prettier than all her friends/cousins/etc
  • as energetic as a 60-yr old woman
  • as nice as a young mom
  • as sweet as a wife
  • as perfect as the sun
I love everything about my grandmother and that night was super duper fun. Here are two photos from the party. I'll probably be posting another entry only for photos since I do not have the official photos yet.

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