Wake Up Call & Lesson Learned

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As a child, you would always be told by your parents to study hard so you could get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, and finally, a good life. I was never really the type to go home and read my books. I have my very serious moments, but no... It was never really my thing. Final examinations, for example. I don't really take studying for it seriously because I always had this thinking that I will never ever be like those students who have amazingly high grades even if I study hard. There were times I proved myself wrong and actually have the amazing grades I always wanted, so I think it's all because of my laziness

I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and people know that you don't really have to be "book smart" as an Entrepreneur; you have to be street smart. I guess I could fall into that category, since I'm better off with non-academic stuff or anything that can be learned through books. Then again, as an Entrepreneur, I think you shouldn't be, uhm... book dumb? Lol.

In life, we go to school to learn the basics in life - Math, English (grammar, vocabulary, writing), Science, History, and Theology (Christian Faith). These are all important to our lives...but do they really teach us the things that give our hearts peace? -- okay, that sounded a little corny, but, seriously speaking, does it? No, I don't think so. We learn things the hard way.

Let me share something I've experienced just this week.
  • Everyone around me knows how capricious I am and every single one of them has told me to stop buying things I don't need and practice saving money. I never really learned how cause every time I have saved a little, I'd just spend again. 
  • Life's teaching: My Globe bill (this month) reached 13,165 and I think 90% of it is because of internet usage. No no no, I don't use the internet...I used wifi to connect to BB App World but I didn't know that every time the wifi signal gets fucked up, it automatically switches to myGlobe internet. In addition to that, I still believe a cell phone's purpose is to call and text; and buying my BlackBerry was part of my capriciousness cause I had a perfectly good phone.
  • Lesson learned: Be content/ed with what you already have and save as much money as you can. It doesn't really mean "hey, stop buying stuff. Save all your money". No one is that stupid not to know when enough is enough.
Having a bill that much from my supposed 600 plan is one perfect example of learning things the hard way. Life welcomes us every day to different situations and repeat them so the next time it happens, we'd know what to do.

Guess what? I'm also talking about faith. I always think that every time I'm faced with such problems, God is asking me to come to Him. He's like "making papansin" so that I'd seek Him. But isn't that sad? Do we really have to have problems just so we would turn to Him? I hope you're not guilty of this. I am not, cause I have a deep relationship with Him, but recently, it has been a cold relationship, so I guess He's just inviting me again.

Wake Up Call

I'm finally tired of having financial problems as early as college, so I've decided to work on my capriciousness and laziness. I know I've said this a million times already.......but 13k is just too much. It's time.
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