Monday, June 27, 2011

Each and every one of us have our own sets of questions in life. Some question their gender, their friends, their boyfriends, their attitude, their family, their grades, their faith (oh dear God I hope not). I think it's okay to have questions because asking these things make us realize one thing: there is a reason behind everything that is happening.

I've recently heard different situations of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship from different people and I can't help but wonder why most of the time (scratch that. I meant all the time), love is not enough. I had to go to my Multiply to find this quote/passage/saying I blogged cause it really helps us with a few of our questions in love.
"I received a text message a few years ago that scientifically speaking, love fades in approximately several years. The love in a relationship withers but not totally. It still depends on the couple whether they'll stay in love or not. "
So yeah. Scientifically speaking, love is really not enough. There are things that are easy to say but hard to do but I just realized that the things that are "hard" to do are things that are pretty easy, we just don't want to go that way. It's not really hard, we just don't want to. Just like what the older people say: "If you want it, you would do it. If you don't want it, there are reasons". I am not a perfect girlfriend and I know I am a bad girlfriend in some cases, but I think I'll be all good someday. I just need to figure out some things and understand who I am first.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we could make love be enough to save one relationship. Of course there will be a lot of rocky roads along the way, but you know...asking for God's guidance and having faith in each other are the two things that are essential in one relationship. I don't have the perfect relationship with Chuck, I know. I also know that I do not handle a few things the way I should. Give me a break. We've been together for three years and two months already, but I know our journey has just begun. We have yet to find out a lot of things about each other. With this, I ask for full strength from God to accept that things change. Those problem-free days are gone, but they will never be erased.

Gentlemen, when you've done something wrong to your ladies, try to look up to Usher and apply what you hear. Helps a lot.

I was out doin my dirt
wasn't thinkin bout you gettin hurt,
I was hand in hand in the Beverly Center like man
Not givin a damn who sees me
So gone, so wrong
Actin like I didnt have you sittin at home

Thinkin about me bein the good girl that you are
Bet u probably believe you got a good man;
a man that would never do the things im about to tell you I've done 
Brace yourself, it ain't good
but it would be the worst if you heard this from somebody else

Baby, everything be all good
I don't wanna lose you
but I know what i'm tellin you ain't gonna make you wanna stay;
probaly just wanna run away
I'm mad enough to punch me in my face
I've been livin like an idiot
and I deserve every bit of it, I know
Today is the day that I end 
all the lying and playing and the bullshit girl
I'm sorry
Baby, I'm sorry
but I can no longer walk around 
with this stress on my chest
I confess

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself
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