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Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Last September, my grandmother celebrated her 75th birthday at Makati Shang. A few relatives from the States arrived to celebrate her birthday with her and I think that it was really a nice gesture. I was host for the night, along with my brother and my cousin but they didn't really "host" with me. They kept on leaving my side because I don't think they're comfortable with it. I wasn't too, but I wanted to learn/practice hosting. Not that I have plans on having that as career; I just really wanted to see if I could.

My grandmother is the best in the world and I'm not saying that because she is my grandma. I'm saying it because she is the type of grandma you see in movies: the cool one, the one who knows and has everything, your partner in crime and the like. I grew up knowing she'd do everything and give everything to me. I always knew I wasn't her favorite among us three, but I still felt loved. The things I know about my grandma are only 1/8 of her whole amazing personality. During the party, I found out about a lot of things about her that made me more proud of her than I already am.

At 75, my grandmother
  • looks 10 years younger than her high school friends who came
  • is so much prettier than all her friends/cousins/etc
  • as energetic as a 60-yr old woman
  • as nice as a young mom
  • as sweet as a wife
  • as perfect as the sun
I love everything about my grandmother and that night was super duper fun. Here are two photos from the party. I'll probably be posting another entry only for photos since I do not have the official photos yet.

Adios, Galleria

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The closing ceremony of our practicum in Galleria was last Oct. 30, 2011. We were asked to wear a Halloween costume, but it's not really my thing. Maybe it's cause I never got to experience Trick or Treat as a child and I think it's waste of money to buy a costume. I stood up for my beliefs and dint dress up as anyone. My friend bought me a cute headband and it served as my costume for the night.

The last day in Galleria was exciting and sad. I was excited to leave Galleria and not stress myself into going there almost every day but not being with my batch mates made me really sad. I had fun the whole month because I got to be with friends every day but losing all the money I spent on food and unnecessary things was not fun. I have one last semester with my batch mates and then I'm entering the real world.

Didn't have my camera with me, too lazy to grab photos and too lazy to upload so here are a few shots.

I Love the Whole Thing

Friday, November 4, 2011
Mitze and Ninai spent their birthdays at my place. Almost everyone came and I believe this is by far the most "innovative" birthday party we have ever celebrated. Ninai came up with these funny gags like giving awards and playing games. We played beer pong, the marshmallow game and paper dance but I don't think we have a decent photo playing. Here are some of the highlights of my night (of their night. Lol)

Yep, I won best dressed along with Nikko!

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One Year: Naomi Sapo Martinez

Thursday, November 3, 2011
September 16, 2010 was the day one of my best friends gave birth to this beautiful angel, Carie Naomi Martinez. A year after, my best friend is still sizzling and my goddaughter is as beautiful as her mother.

March to a Different Beat

Way back College Week at Miriam, I joined an inspirational talk. It's a required activity, but I had the interest on attending. I forgot the speaker's name, but the lessons he taught are still with me. His life story is as amazing as his lessons, and I salute him for being able to stand up tall, accept the tragedy of his life and praise God no matter what.

The most important lesson I've learned from him is to do the big things before doing the small things. It's simple. Just imagine a bowl, a big rock, a small rock and sand. If you put the sand first, you won't be able to fit the rocks. If you put the small rock first, you won't be able to fit the big rock and the sand. And finally, if you put the big rock first, that's the only way you could fit everything. In life, let us put God first. He is the biggest and the greatest of all. When we put Him first, everything else will follow. Have faith.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've been wanting to blog about this drink for months now but I only had the chance to transfer the photo now so...

This is Hot Xoco from Xocolat (Katipunan). My brother was the first one who ordered this and when his order came, I was just....WOW. I haven't been to all places yet but this hot chocolate is one of the most innovative products I've seen and tried. You should try this too. It costs P145 - not so bad for its taste. It's really great. Two thumbs up!

Time After Time

Friday, August 19, 2011
I've been very busy with lots of things but most of the time, I'm just too lazy to compose a blog. I just changed my theme again so I'm a bit inspired to update. Although this entry might be gibberish, to me, it'd matter.

Last Sunday, we had this Service Learning in Theology. We went to a relocation site (Southville C, Montalban Rizal). I wasn't able to reach my expectations, but I am happy I got to spend time with them.

On Sunday, we'll be going back but that would be the last time. I hope that this Sunday, I'd be able to make more children happy. I want to share more. 

Wake Up Call & Lesson Learned

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As a child, you would always be told by your parents to study hard so you could get good grades, go to a good college, get a good job, and finally, a good life. I was never really the type to go home and read my books. I have my very serious moments, but no... It was never really my thing. Final examinations, for example. I don't really take studying for it seriously because I always had this thinking that I will never ever be like those students who have amazingly high grades even if I study hard. There were times I proved myself wrong and actually have the amazing grades I always wanted, so I think it's all because of my laziness

I'm taking up Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and people know that you don't really have to be "book smart" as an Entrepreneur; you have to be street smart. I guess I could fall into that category, since I'm better off with non-academic stuff or anything that can be learned through books. Then again, as an Entrepreneur, I think you shouldn't be, uhm... book dumb? Lol.

In life, we go to school to learn the basics in life - Math, English (grammar, vocabulary, writing), Science, History, and Theology (Christian Faith). These are all important to our lives...but do they really teach us the things that give our hearts peace? -- okay, that sounded a little corny, but, seriously speaking, does it? No, I don't think so. We learn things the hard way.

Let me share something I've experienced just this week.
  • Everyone around me knows how capricious I am and every single one of them has told me to stop buying things I don't need and practice saving money. I never really learned how cause every time I have saved a little, I'd just spend again. 
  • Life's teaching: My Globe bill (this month) reached 13,165 and I think 90% of it is because of internet usage. No no no, I don't use the internet...I used wifi to connect to BB App World but I didn't know that every time the wifi signal gets fucked up, it automatically switches to myGlobe internet. In addition to that, I still believe a cell phone's purpose is to call and text; and buying my BlackBerry was part of my capriciousness cause I had a perfectly good phone.
  • Lesson learned: Be content/ed with what you already have and save as much money as you can. It doesn't really mean "hey, stop buying stuff. Save all your money". No one is that stupid not to know when enough is enough.
Having a bill that much from my supposed 600 plan is one perfect example of learning things the hard way. Life welcomes us every day to different situations and repeat them so the next time it happens, we'd know what to do.

Guess what? I'm also talking about faith. I always think that every time I'm faced with such problems, God is asking me to come to Him. He's like "making papansin" so that I'd seek Him. But isn't that sad? Do we really have to have problems just so we would turn to Him? I hope you're not guilty of this. I am not, cause I have a deep relationship with Him, but recently, it has been a cold relationship, so I guess He's just inviting me again.

Wake Up Call

I'm finally tired of having financial problems as early as college, so I've decided to work on my capriciousness and laziness. I know I've said this a million times already.......but 13k is just too much. It's time.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Each and every one of us have our own sets of questions in life. Some question their gender, their friends, their boyfriends, their attitude, their family, their grades, their faith (oh dear God I hope not). I think it's okay to have questions because asking these things make us realize one thing: there is a reason behind everything that is happening.

I've recently heard different situations of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship from different people and I can't help but wonder why most of the time (scratch that. I meant all the time), love is not enough. I had to go to my Multiply to find this quote/passage/saying I blogged cause it really helps us with a few of our questions in love.
"I received a text message a few years ago that scientifically speaking, love fades in approximately several years. The love in a relationship withers but not totally. It still depends on the couple whether they'll stay in love or not. "
So yeah. Scientifically speaking, love is really not enough. There are things that are easy to say but hard to do but I just realized that the things that are "hard" to do are things that are pretty easy, we just don't want to go that way. It's not really hard, we just don't want to. Just like what the older people say: "If you want it, you would do it. If you don't want it, there are reasons". I am not a perfect girlfriend and I know I am a bad girlfriend in some cases, but I think I'll be all good someday. I just need to figure out some things and understand who I am first.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, we could make love be enough to save one relationship. Of course there will be a lot of rocky roads along the way, but you know...asking for God's guidance and having faith in each other are the two things that are essential in one relationship. I don't have the perfect relationship with Chuck, I know. I also know that I do not handle a few things the way I should. Give me a break. We've been together for three years and two months already, but I know our journey has just begun. We have yet to find out a lot of things about each other. With this, I ask for full strength from God to accept that things change. Those problem-free days are gone, but they will never be erased.

Gentlemen, when you've done something wrong to your ladies, try to look up to Usher and apply what you hear. Helps a lot.

I was out doin my dirt
wasn't thinkin bout you gettin hurt,
I was hand in hand in the Beverly Center like man
Not givin a damn who sees me
So gone, so wrong
Actin like I didnt have you sittin at home

Thinkin about me bein the good girl that you are
Bet u probably believe you got a good man;
a man that would never do the things im about to tell you I've done 
Brace yourself, it ain't good
but it would be the worst if you heard this from somebody else

Baby, everything be all good
I don't wanna lose you
but I know what i'm tellin you ain't gonna make you wanna stay;
probaly just wanna run away
I'm mad enough to punch me in my face
I've been livin like an idiot
and I deserve every bit of it, I know
Today is the day that I end 
all the lying and playing and the bullshit girl
I'm sorry
Baby, I'm sorry
but I can no longer walk around 
with this stress on my chest
I confess

But when you look at me, do you see your wife?
Can you picture us lovin' each other for life?
Are you playin' the role, just like the rest
These are the questions that I ask myself


Thursday, June 23, 2011
From now on, every time I'm going to blog about my phone, it's gonna be entitled BlogBerry. Okay, Stradmore people! I know you own the word, I am just borrowing it.

Anyway, I just wanted to update my blog about the BB Social that I couldn't use for a week -- IT'S OKAY NOW!! I am ecstatic. After a week of losing hope, sadness and insecurity.... FINALLY! I had it exchanged last Saturday and didn't leave the shop until it worked. Whew, patience is truly a virtue.

White Water Rafting Pt.1

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

White Water Rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of river. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill raft passengers. The development of this activity as a leisure sport has become popular since the mid-1970s. It is considered an extreme sport, as it can be dangerous.

When my mom first mentioned that we were going to Mindanao (Butuan, in particular) to visit my grandfather (dad's dad), I felt really excited because I haven't been there for 12 years. To my surprise, my mom told me that we were heading to Cagayan de Oro too to do an exciting activity: white water rafting. I didn't have an idea at first so I searched for photos on the internet but still, I didn't know what to expect. I am one lucky girl to have finally experienced white water rafting last Dec. 28, 2010. When that special day finally came and I finally saw the course we were about to take, OH MY GOSH. I couldn't wait. The guides told us there were 24 major rapids on the river and a few minor rapids. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ EXCITEMENT ALL THE WAY.

After 4 amazing hours, the activity sadly came to an end. I have exciting photos of the whole thing but I have to wait for my mom because I used her camera. I also used a waterproof disposable camera so I have to have it developed pa and converted and all so this blog entry is just an introduction! :)

Btw, the photo above is taken by me 
and I used my dslr.
There was a 10-minute break for all to eat crackers
or drink liquids.
That is I think halfway of the whole course.

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