My Christmas 2010 Experience

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I had fun last night. My family never fails to "have fun" on Christmas Eve. I guess that's what makes us special. I'm not saying I have the coolest family cause I don't know everyone out there, but I can say my family's hella cool. I didn't get to drink a lot because I wasn't in the mood and I was entertaining and playing with my dear baby cousins! We danced to the super hits like Asereje, Mambo No. 5, etc. We danced the night away till midnight. 12AM, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS :) and Lolo Papu and of course, GIFT GIVING! :) I didn't receive much, and I'm a bit sad and disappointed but I think it's just fair cause I didn't have a gift for anyone except for my inaanak. Another thing is, I don't really wanna rely on gifts to be happy. It's Jesus' birthday! We ALL should be happy! :) Chuck wasn't able to come because he was busy with his family too. My uncles kept on joking about him not wanting to visit me or him being in "his other girlfriend's party" but I know the truth and I have faith.

Next year, I'd be 21. Next year, I must be responsible in handling money so I would have money to buy presents for Christmas. Yeah, the Christmas season isn't over yet, and I'm already planning my Christmas next year! Lol. Not bad.

Btw, food was great. 

..and nothing beats the happiness that God has given us all. Happy birthday Jesus! :)

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  1. Didn't receive that much too. We just enjoyed the night. Haha.

    About money, we must ALL learn to save up so that we can buy gifts and don't have utangers. Hahaha!


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